CA OPS/MVS Event Management and Automation Room for Improvement

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Art McKendrick
Senior Automation Analyst at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
* SSM - when OPSMVS is started, there is a choice of either assuming all microhooks are up or all are down and working from there. It would be better if there was a feature that could discover the true state of every microhook. * OPSLOG - merged OPSLOGs from multiple systems in a Sysplex, live, would help in problem determination. View full review »
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Tom Kruger
Senior System Programmer at a healthcare company with 1,001-5,000 employees
I think some of their built-in functions are short on functionality. We have written homegrown REXX functions to perform many of these. * There is nothing in place to ensure that your rules are consistent across all machines in an environment. I have worked at large. We automatically open problem tickets and assign them to the appropriate group all automatically. This function I did demo for other companies at CA World in 2010. Some were very interested in what we have done. * There is one built-in OPS/MVS function that actually does not work at all. If you are using OPSVALUE to retrieve global information cross-system, there are times that it is not possible to get the information. The reason is you have to pull the data one level higher than what is needed, and you are limited to a number (I do not remember exactly what the value is) that can be returned cross-system, and it is less than what is retrieved from your request. We wrote a function that will look up global information on the system where they reside and return only the info that is needed. This one I have opened a problem ticket on, and have posted it to the CA website. These are the biggest issues. Some of these I have opened issues on, and others I have just posted online. So far, the only one that seems to have gotten attention is the first one. View full review »
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Greg Payne
Sr. Analyst/Technology Infrastructure at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
I just installed version 12.3, which actually already has a number of new features. It's going to make it easier for some of our new users. I'm old-school, I learned it the old way. I actually want to go back and implement and start doing things the new way. As I need to train people, it's going to make them easier for them and just make the learning curve much shorter. The new release addressed some shortcomings of the product. It was old-school. The learning curve was a little bit long in the beginning, but it's really come a long way. View full review »
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Eric Camp
Lead Software Programmer at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
I think, for me, I’d like to see more of its web base. The ISPF dialogue needs a little bit more features. However, the web base will be even more important for me. View full review »
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Infrastructure Engineer Manager at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
It does everything we need right now, I can't know of anything else we really need at the moment. If I really had to put my finger on anything, mainframe tools are pretty old as far as the pricing models. Maybe that could be improved. Should I be able to buy whatever I want, and then I pay for what I use? Or maybe I don't pay anything for the product, and I then pay for the support. More of an open-source model. View full review »
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Daniel Khan
IT Director at McKesson
Definitely having more web-based interface. Definitely be more mobile-open. More APIs, more open source to it. View full review »
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Connie Johnson
Operations Integration Specialist at TCF Financial Group
I am not using all the stuff that I could use now, so I do not know. It is working very well for us. There is just so much in there that I am not utilizing, though I might not need to utilize. It is just not knowing everything in the product. View full review »
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Systems Analyst / Programmer at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The only issue we have is when we try to integrate with common services. That's why it doesn't get a perfect rating. The OPS/MVS product itself is really good. We have asked CA for things, including the ability to test multi-line WTOs. This is on their backlog. We have several of those that we would like to monitor and we can’t test our code before it goes in and actually runs. View full review »
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Vice President, Managing Director Defined Contribution at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
Our last main complaint was having sysplex-wide variables, which uses a dataset that is accessible from all systems. There are, however, still some restrictions with sysplex vars as far as which kinds of rules you can use them in, which is also the case for OPSHFI vars. View full review »
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Leo Cadegan
Systems Programmer at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
The further expansion of the mainframe teamcenter interface. Also, the web services support is something that I am looking into. Though, it currently meets my needs perfectly the way it is. The GUI interface could be improved, but that is coming. They are working on that. View full review »
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Patrick Barrez
IT Team Manager at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
There is always room for improvement and new features, and we like new features, so if CA delivers them, we are happy to use them. View full review »
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Senior Systems Administrator 2 at a transportation company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We're missing the boat. We don't have a graphical display and we need something beyond just pretty PC pictures for the other departments. As a manager, I would love to have a dashboard that shows the problem and that the automation is taking care of it. The systems management and the computer operators would love to have a pretty graphic to display everything when it went down and to resolve the issue. The graphical interfaces need to improved. It's good for a technician. However, when I have to go and talk to my management or a director or somebody about it, it is very hard to explain. It would be so much better if there was just a picture or a dashboard showing the problems of what is breaking or what is wrong, perhaps a type of roadmap during the initial load. View full review »
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Michelle Browning
Systems Programmer at Regions Financial Corporation
Some of the commands are long. For example, to start a job, instead of just doing "s" plus space, to start a task, you have to type in "ssm", space, "sj", space, "job equals." That's how I do it. I use the commands. I know that you can go into a panel and kick things off in a different way. Maybe that would be easier. View full review »
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Lead z/OS Systems Programmer
One thing that comes to mind is the MQ interface. The last time we tried to use it, it seemed a little clunky. Also, performing a stop/restart of OPS/MVS could be a little smoother too. Without special coding, some undesired tasks will be started and some necessary tasks will be stopped if we have to bounce OPS/MVS during the day. View full review »
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Steve Dorsa
Production Control at a aerospace/defense firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
It needs to have more compatibility/interfaces to other vendors’ products. View full review »
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IT System Software - Technical Consultant at a insurance company with 1,001-5,000 employees
I'm in a sprint review with the next version, so I've seen some of the things that they're coming out with. It's going to very nice. I like the things they're coming up with. The mainframe TSO side still displays green screens. Today, people are more into web and things like that. I would like to see that type of interface available for them. View full review »
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Systems Engineer at a healthcare company with 1,001-5,000 employees
It more or less does everything we need for it to do. View full review »
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Paul Watt
Programmer 3 at Shelter insurance
I've seen a mobile app that allows you to get the system status from your phone. That's a really nice feature that I’d like to see. View full review »
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Systems Administrator at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
I don't know of anything that is required to be added. View full review »
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Gadi Ben-Avi
z/OS system Programmer at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
It’s a complex product. The initial installation is easy, but implementing various functions is a constant process. View full review »
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Mainframe System Sofware Support at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
Use something other than CCI for external communications. View full review »

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