CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager Primary Use Case

Randall Brower
Systems Administrator at SunTrust Banks, Inc.
Not writing a solution here, the SRM product is a mainframe product that CA's client user interface software, Vantage, can then interact with. They have three flavors for a client interface, desktop (but everything you do is yours alone, nobody else gets anything you build within it), and server, which is much nicer as it allows for changes to be global in anything you build, such as customized solutions, views, etc. You can build the company's alerts, scripts, reports, etc. The newest and really nice feature is the browser version or WebUI. I'm still putting this in place, and there is quite a bit to do. Once SRM has been updated to include all maintenance right up to Dec/18, then it's a UNIX/OMVS install with knowledge of those disciplines and Tomcat, Catalina, etc. It does not rely on SMP/E any longer (Vantage). It has a database kept within a ZFS file and uses TCP/IP to talk among the mainframe systems. Because it is a browser interface, you will want to ensure you use shttp:// for the security within the browser. You will need to deal with the license within OMVS and the certificate either there, or as we are, via your security product — RACF for us. Furthermore, there is the ability to utilize, and you will want to, the REST API, which will allow you to update MF files within/via the WebUI. That demands Common Services be used, so keep that in mind. All in all, once you have it put in place, maintenance will be much easier I'm sure. As with all CA products now, it uses a PAX file. The interface offers so much, with it being a true 'Windows' experience! View full review »