Calabrio WFM, Calabrio Workforce Management Benefits

Gaye Stone
Customer Service Analyst/Scheduler at Tucson Electric Power
I cannot speak about the difference for the QM software. My main use is of the WFM software. A few of the features were "nice to have" features, but version 9.3 had some "deficiencies". The main problem was not being able to run scenarios in a pseudo scheduling area, so the way Calabrio is now, agents can possibly see test scenarios. Another problem is the Time Off Request area. Agents are not able to cancel an approved request through this area. The sorting/filtering could be improved upon greatly. We are scheduled to upgrade to version 10.0, which will resolve many of the issues we do not like about the current version that we are using. Update: We are still on version 9.3 and looking forward to upgrading. View full review »