Rapid Application Development Software Questions
Rachid Rachid
User at ITK
Jun 03 2021

We want to migrate our IBM Domino platform to another solution. Any recommendations?

 Thanks for your help.

JS4it totally depends on your reasons for the migration? I think IBM Lotus product… more »
CEO at Neighbiz
Apr 13 2021

There's lots of unemployment in South Africa (even before COVID) and most people have no smartphone etc. We're a startup. Our app can send them a GSM message telling them there is work, here or there. 

I'm desperately seeking advice for what no-code backend database to use.

We already have 500,000 users on the database and 50 tables. 

Airtable is very expensive. We're also looking at Caspio.

I am great with Access and Webflow CSM seems very easy but limited to 50k records. I'm looking at Google Tables but not sure if that will do? 

I'm familiar with Zapier and Integromat. 

Any suggestions??

reviewer1529571did you try quickbase - this may be a good tool for the use case in hand