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Real User
Software Developer at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
May 28 2018

What do you think of Dynatrace?

Primary Use Case Our primary use use is to monitor apps in terms of performance and availability.   • Improvements to My Organization We can analyse problems more quickly, and detecting problems becomes easier with Dynatrace.                                • Valuable Features PurePath: The transaction structure can be seen by any user.                                             • Room for Improvement Under heavyweight, Dynatrace becomes slower when listing PurePaths.  • Use of Solution One to three years.
Real User
Application Engineer II at Expedia
Dec 14 2016

What is most valuable?

The most valuable feature is real-time performance monitoring of my production applications; being able to determine within just a couple of minutes, whether or not my applications are having a problem; and being able to correlate that with... more»

How has it helped my organization?

We use it pretty widely across the company. In my particular group, where we've been able to get it situated for all of our .NET and related applications, we've been able to really improve our time to resolution on incidents. We've been able... more»

What needs improvement?

One of the things that I would like to see is a little bit more ease of use with regards to the analytics component. I know that's new. At a recent conference, there was a session for hands on with analytics that I signed up for. I planned to... more»
New Relic
Real User
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees
Dec 14 2016

What do you think of New Relic APM?

Improvements to My Organization The New Relic toolset has become part of our SDLC -- reviewing the changes we made for impact to the production environment. It's been a valuable asset to identify areas for improvement in our application. • Valuable Features We utilize the APM, BROWSER, and INSIGHTS dashboards on a daily basis to monitor the health and performance of our application. • Room for Improvement We really love the INSIGHTS query and dashboarding capabilities. It would be great to see this expand even further with more options for querying. • Stability Issues None at all. • Scalability Issues No. • Customer Service and Technical Support Customer Service: 10 -- New Relic has been very responsive and helpful when we've had to contact them.... and it...

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