Cavisson NetStorm Primary Use Case

Performance Architect at Kohl's
I have used NetStorm primarily for load generation to do load and stress tests on the desktop and mobile platforms of I was able to generate high load with NetStorm which helped identify the performance bottlenecks of the applications in the project phase itself. NetStorm script can be generated on any environment and can be replayed to run load test on different environments. It has great features like Runlogic, autocorrelation, and monitoring capability associated inside it. View full review »
Performance Engineer at Kohl's
* Checks application stability by generating load for a particular period of time. Environments: Real, QA, and dev for the Mosaic application. * Designs scripts and scenario, as per requirements. * Designs dynamic scripts. * Capturing performance metrics related to timing and resources. * Provides a performance report after a load test. * Analysis can be done with the help of a page dump and a heap dump. * Monitors the application in case of stress testing. System is constantly observed in terms of its response time, resource usage, and reliability of functionality. View full review »
Rahul Sharma
Performance Testing Lead at Paytm
Our primary use case for this solution is to simulate a large user base for testing the world's highest traffic e-commerce websites, such as Macy's, Bloomingdales, etc. We used this tool to generate twenty-four thousand users to create a real-world scenario. One can achieve a higher number of users, as per the application's requirement. View full review »
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