Centreon Infrastructure Monitoring Flexibility

Have you found this solution to be flexible for infrastructure monitoring? If yes, please explain why with an example.

Matan Moser
Project Manager, Cloud Services with 501-1,000 employees
It's flexible for infrastructure monitoring. We can write our own checks. It's based on Nagios, and it's fully open-source. We do prefer to use the plug-ins, because then we don't have to maintain them. But we can write anything regarding server level and application help, ourselves. We have the flexibility.
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Global Operations Center Engineer at a logistics company with 1,001-5,000 employees
What I like most about Centreon is that it is very flexible and customizable, based on the user and/or business needs. Centreon is very flexible when it comes to monitoring parameters. We can use scripts found on the internet or scripts created by our infra/apps team.
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Tim Huerter
Senior Networking Consultant at S&L
The great thing about Centreon is that it is also based upon Nagios. However, Centroen also provides different check logins, which is called EPP, Enterprise Plugin Pack. The plugins are capable of monitoring nearly all data you want. The only necessary thing to get to that goal is it needs the destination that you want to monitor. This means you will have to have an API or some other way to make a call to the destination, so the destination can respond to it. If this is possible, you can nearly monitor all things with Centreon. This is very nice because you can monitor technical stuff. You can also monitor normal things, like availability of some services, which is being used by your customers, your colleagues, or yourself, so you may get a view of the functionality behind it.
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