Change Tracker Gen7 R2 Overview

What is Change Tracker Gen7 R2?

Change Tracker Gen7R2 solves IT Security and the problems that plague all organizations – the overwhelming noise of change control and ensuring the integrity of IT systems. Completely redesigned with both security and IT operations in mind, Change Tracker Gen7 R2 is the only solution designed to reduce change noise and the complexity of integrity monitoring and policy management all while allowing for unprecedented scalability and management that meets the most demanding enterprise environments.

Gen7R2 enables organizations to:

- Define the systems that need protection

- Ensure those systems are secured, compliant and fit for purpose at all times

- Provide intelligent change control to ensure systems remain in a ‘known secure and compliant state’

- Enable organizations to move projects securely from Development to Operations

Gen7 R2 integrates with leading Service desks and Change Management solutions to reconcile the changes that are actually occurring within your environment with those that were expected and part of an approved Request for Change. Security and IT Service Management (ITSM) have traditionally observed and managed change in two very different ways. By linking the changes approved and expected within the ITSM world with those that are actually happening from a security perspective, SecureOps is delivered and underpins effective, ongoing security and operational availability.

With Gen7R2 you have the ability to reduce change noise by more than 90%, leaving only changes that are unknown, unwanted, unexpected or potentially malicious in nature for further investigation.

Change Tracker Gen7 R2 is also known as NNT Change Tracker Enterprise.

Change Tracker Gen7 R2 Buyer's Guide

Download the Change Tracker Gen7 R2 Buyer's Guide including reviews and more. Updated: January 2021

Change Tracker Gen7 R2 Customers

US Army, Xerox, Hewlett Packard, LiveTV, Universal Studios, Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative, ACAS, Chanel, Live Nation, Union Bank, Ohio Valley Electric Corporation, Bank of China, Cornell University, Jetblue, Royal Albert Hall, Chaparral Energy, RyanAir

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