Check Point Endpoint Security Competitors and Alternatives

The top Check Point Endpoint Security competitors are
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • ZoneAlarm
  • Microsoft Windows Defender
  • Avecto Defendpoint
  • McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection
  • Palo Alto Networks Traps
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security
  • Cylance
Read reviews of Check Point Endpoint Security competitors and alternatives
Ritesh Chandra
Manager ICT Solution at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
Aug 13 2018

What is most valuable?

* The main thing for us is that we get our reporting. * Deployment and centralized management are essential for us because of the number of... more»

How has it helped my organization?

It has improved our performance and deployment.

What needs improvement?

* I would like to see machine learning and AI as added features. * It would be nice if they had a separate email security solution (instead of... more»

Which other solutions did I evaluate?

In the past, we went with Trend Micro. It was okay, but we needed a change, and we opted for Kaspersky. It had a lot more features from an... more»

What other advice do I have?

Most important criteria when selecting a vendor: * The product should work and do what it promises. * The vendor and product should have a... more»
‎Technology Leader with 1-10 employees
Mar 25 2018

What do you think of Symantec Endpoint Protection?

Primary Use Case: Helps to protect our organization from known attacks.  Blocks malicious files, which are not generally repelled well. • Room for Improvement: Administration Orchestration for broken clients fixes Healing of agents • Use of Solution: More than five years.
FortiClient Logo
Bob Modee
Real User
IT Support with 51-200 employees
Jun 04 2018

What do you think of FortiClient?

Primary Use Case: We're using it for anti-virus, and its performance is okay. • Improvements to My Organization: Its benefit is that it provides virus protection. • Valuable Features: FortiClient has good signatures, good protection and, up until recently, it integrated really well with our firewall. • Room for Improvement: I'm hoping they change the management system. The management is no longer applicable for us, so I want that to go back to the way it was. • Use of Solution: One to three years. • Stability Issues: The stability is excellent. • Scalability Issues: It is definitely scalable. • Customer Service and Technical Support: I haven't used tech support. • Initial Setup: The initial setup was straightforward. • Other Advice: Our most...

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