Check Point UTM-1 [EOL] Other Advice

IT System Integrator at a financial services firm with 201-500 employees
If we're talking about value, in my opinion, the financial institutions are the companies that I see that can use this most. I like it because it's user-friendly. You can use it without a lot of complexity. Of course, I sent my staff for training but only to guarantee that they are certified to use it. I would suggest you first go for training before you implement the solution. I would rate this solution 9 out of 10. It was very easy for us to implement this solution. And this has all the features that we need to use it. Of course, people say that FortiGate, in comparison, is easier than this one. When we were evaluating services, we knew we needed something robust and easy to implement with the old equipment and something that was safe. We looked at three options: Cisco, Check Point, and FortiGate, we talked about these three products. My team of four invited another four people to evaluate these three products. All of them know that Check Point is quite difficult but it's the best. All of them choose to use Check Point. We are all Cisco aware, but Check Point, it's good. View full review »
Security Engineer at Socitech SA
In 2017 I passed the exam, so I'm a certified Check Point administration user. Technology-wise, I think Check Point is more robust than FortiGate. Since I have installed the solution everything is working very great. It is easy to configure a Check Point solution with a different operating system. That is one thing I really like about it. And that is not as easy with FortiGate or other solutions. I would advise people to try Check Point because you cannot know how great is until you try it. I recommend that you try it once, and then you will definitely see the difference between Check Point and other vendors. People will say, "Cisco can do the same thing, Palo Alto can do the same thing, FortiGate can do the same thing, so why CheckPoint?" I say CheckPoint is more robust and you can never understand how great Check Point is until you try it. I would rate the solution a nine out of ten. If the interface was more user-friendly I'd rate it higher. View full review »
CISO at Timestamp SGS
My only recommendation is to get proper sizing of the company or of the environment they're in and to decide if they are going for two layers of firewalls or only one layer. That's the major difference between implementations. You should start small because of the amount of money. If you have the constraints of buying an appliance that would not suit some VPN constraints or IPSec tunnels that the company might require and if you're going on different layers or implementing more than one layer of firewall, you are spreading the load between them and that's the main issue. That's on top of the high availability which sometimes is disregarded on communications. The user experience draws the rating down a bit. Specifically on the user experience, sometimes the set up of things, such as the VPN SSL, takes a lot of time to load and a lot of time to get up and running on every session. So some of the users take a long time to get into the SSL VPN. I would rate the solution a seven out of ten. View full review »
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Data Center Operations at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
We've actually stopped using it. We switched to FortiGate because we had side to side VPNs that were are actually bringing issues with the UTM itself, so we had to swap it over. I would rate the overall solution a six out of 10. There's room for improvement. I think it has the potential to do so much, but it is limited to some features. Or maybe it didn't serve my purpose as I expected it to. That's why I now think there is a bit of reservation on my end for using the product. In terms of advice, I'd say that anyone going with the solution should really know the product before they purchase it, otherwise it will be a waste of money. If they really know it or have someone who actually knows the product 100 percent, they might be okay. For our company, it didn't work, but what really captured the market at this end for many was the 4G and because there's just one price, and the setup is easy. View full review »
RSSI at a legal firm with 501-1,000 employees
I would always recommend the product. The only reason why we switched from Check Point, in fact, to Fortinet, is because we have a remote site in Algeria. There's an embargo. We cannot import Check Point products in Algeria. I would rate this product 8 out of 10. Ten means perfect to me and no product is perfect. View full review »
System Administrator at The LNM Institute of Information Technology
I would recommend this product. The database is very good. Check Point is a worldwide product. View full review »
Senior Technology Specialist - Information Security at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Check Point has been in the security industry for so long that it has evolved different solutions and technologies. Now, it has a complete stack of all the security products. For example, we have cloud solutions and anti-spam solutions. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Check Point, Fortinet, Sophos and others in Firewalls. Updated: January 2020.
397,717 professionals have used our research since 2012.