Cisco ASA NGFW Cisco Product Integration

What other products or services are you using from the vendor in conjunction with their firewall? How would you assess the integration among these products?

Senior Network Engineer at Orvis Company, Inc
We use Umbrella, Cisco's DNS, which used to be OpenDNS. We use that to help with security so that we're not going to sites that are known to be bad. They work well together. They're two different things. One is monitoring DS and doing web URLs, while the firewall I'm doing is traffic in and out, based on source destination and ports protocols.
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Security Officer at a government
We also use ESA and IronPort firewalls. The integration between those on the Next-Gen Firewalls is good. They are coupled together. If the client reports that there is a potential for a file or something trying to access the internet to download content, there are mediation steps that are in place.
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