Cisco ASAv Pricing and License Cost

Ryan Partington
Systems Administrator at Universal Audio
We purchased the product through the AWS Marketplace. While I wasn't part of the buying process for Cisco ASA, I have used it to purchase AMIs. The AWS Marketplace been great, but it could be a bit more user-friendly from an aesthetic perspective. It is fully functional and easy to figure out once you are in it. However, the layout of the AMIs has a lot missing, e.g., you have to side click to find the area for community AMIs. It would be awesome if AWS Marketplace would put up a wider range of AMIs. With the Cisco ASA, you do get what you pay for. What would really be awesome is to see Cisco blow out a real cheap version where you can use the sandbox, but leave it step-wise and go to another product relatively easily, like getting you hooked on candy. The problem is that we already paid for the ASAs, and we grew quickly. Now, we have found ourselves in a situation where we have to wait for next year's budget and everyone is using it. We've gone from a sandbox model to full production. If Cisco was a bit more on the ball with this type of thing, such as pay a smaller lump sum, then scale as a pay by use or have an option to switch models. This would be good because then we could actually leverage this type of model. Right now, we want to go to the rocket stuff, and our people who make the decisions financially will just have a heart attack. They will choke on it. However, if we can roll it into our AWS bill, and slowly creep it in, it is usually more palatable. As crazy as that sounds, even if its more expensive to do it this way. View full review »
Vikram Arsid
Cyber Security Software Engineer at Fireeye
Purchasing from the AWS Marketplace was easy. It was just point and click. It is pay-as-you-go, so it much cheaper than buying in the plants. View full review »
Alberto E. Luna Rodriguez
Network Security Coordinator at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
ASAs are expensive. The initial cost is high compared to other similar solutions, and chances are the personnel that will operate them will require some training. But if you're aiming for stability and reliability, this is the best solution you will find. View full review »
Munish Gupta
Partner - Consulting & Advisory at Wipro Technologies
We are partners with Cisco. They are always one call away, which is good. They know how to keep their customers happy. View full review »

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