Cisco Defense Orchestrator Support ASA, FTD, Meraki MX

Does the solution’s support for ASA, FTD, and Meraki MX devices help in maintaining consistent security across your network or to free up staff time for other work? If yes, please provide examples

Todd Ellis
CTO at Secure Networkers
In terms of the solution’s support for ASA, FTD, and Meraki MX devices, we have tons of clients who use all these devices. Since 2007, we've done over 2,000 medical facilities in the southeast Texas market, just using Cisco ASA firewalls. But in many cases, these places aren't large enough to use Defense Orchestrator. Now, if we took over complete management, I see how we could integrate CDO from an industry standpoint because a lot of these places are very similar... To have something like Defense Orchestrator, where I could manage hundreds of clients - their ASA or their Meraki MX or FTD - that would be huge.
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Systems Architect at a university with 1,001-5,000 employees
Although the solution supports for ASA, FTD, and Meraki MX devices, we don't have any FTD or Meraki. But for ASA, which is the only thing we use it for, that's where it saves time and mental energy in figuring out what needs to be done, or how to implement something that has been requested.
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Richard Barton
Network and Data Centre Platform Manager at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The support for ASA helps us to maintain a consistent approach.
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Hamed Khakipour
Sr. Network Engineer at Vocera
The support for ASA makes management somewhat easier, but I don't have a basic template for all our sites because each site is different. I would only use a template if I were to bring on a new site, but I haven't done that yet. Then the next thing I am going to do is buy FTDs, so I'll have to add them, but that is also supported. That was announced at Cisco Live. So I'll have to play with that as well. But it does help, especially if you have duplicate entries.
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Jairo Mendes
Network and Security Specialist at Connected Technology, LLC
The solution's support for ASA, FTD, and Meraki MX devices helps free up staff time for other work.
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Network Engineer at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees
We use the solution support for our ASA devices.
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Isiac Sullivan
Network Administrator at Texas Hydraulics
Its support for ASA, FTD, and Meraki MX helps maintain consistent security.
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