Cisco Elastic Services Controller Overview

What is Cisco Elastic Services Controller?

Business success is increasingly dictated by agility: the ability to respond quickly to change, bring new services to market quickly, and do all of this within an environment that is simple and inexpensive to operate. The Cisco Elastic Services Controller (ESC) promotes agility, flexibility, and programmability in network functions virtualization (NFV) environments and offers comprehensive automated lifecycle management capabilities. By design, Cisco ESC is built as an open and modular system. It provides a single point of control to manage all aspects of NFV lifecycle for virtual network functions (VNFs) in a dynamic environment. Drawing on industry standards and open APIs, you can control the full lifecycle of all of your virtualized resources, whether using Cisco or third-party VNFs, allowing you to choose best-in-class industry solutions.

Cisco Elastic Services Controller is also known as Cisco ESC.

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