Cisco HyperFlex HX-Series Previous Solutions

Ole Johan
Network Engineer at a tech services company
We had an old Cisco System, which was an internal company system. We also had an old UCS server, which was spec'd out, along with a bunch of other servers. When we were starting to lack in CPU, memory, and storage, we knew that we needed faster storage and networking. In addition, we needed more CPU and RAM with the possibility to scale. Now, if we need a new node, we can just order a new node. Then, when we get the node, it takes an hour to put it up and we have a new node in the system. We needed that scalability. We also needed to upgrade the data center. However, the reason that we chose HyperFlex instead of trying to build a system and making it work with open source software, was with HyperFlex, we receive Cisco tech support and services. We chose HyperFlex because of everything that binds up into it: the scalability, reliability, and services. View full review »
MatsHagberg Olsson
Enterprise System Architect at SAAB Group
They were using Dell EMC VxRail. They didn't switch, really. Cisco's presence just started to increase. View full review »
Dan Abamonte
Manager, Open Systems Infrastructure at a healthcare company with 5,001-10,000 employees
Prior to this, we were using Cisco B200 Blade Servers for our normal VMR infrastructure, and we when we wanted to implement VDI we wanted to go hyper-convergence. View full review »
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Karuna Madhu Devandla
General Manager of IT at Magma Fincorp Ltd.
This is the first hyperconverged solution we have used. We changed to HyperFlex because new requirements came in. Instead of moving towards a conventional infrastructure, we felt it was the time for us to look at, and to be involved with, the current trend in the market. These are the factors which made us look at this type of option. View full review »
Senior Network Administrator at a university with 1,001-5,000 employees
We are a Dell shop. We looked at HP but ultimately because of the features that Cisco brought with the HyperFlex solution, we felt that that was a superior product to everyone else. View full review »
CIO at Latif Group
We used a special ERP system for real estate development, using SQL servers. We used Oracle servers. We used MySQL for HR servers. Those were the main three systems we were using. We switched to Cisco because it was time to change our servers. They would have been seven years old, so we studied what the best solution to convert to would be and we found that the hyperconverged was much better for us. View full review »
Zeray Assefa
Director of Network Operations at a government
Through conferences and other research, we became aware that there were products which would serve our needs better. Previously, we needed a dedicated storage person to do storage, a dedicated BMR (Bare Metal Restore) person to do BMR. Now, one person can do both because you spend a lot less time with either. So that is the reason we looked at hyper-convergence and this product. View full review »
Divisional Manager - Engineering at a engineering company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We were using more on the VMware side. This is the first time we are using HyperFlex. We had an HPE-based system which we replaced with this. It was HPE Simplivity but it was no good. We did not get good feedback about Simplivity. View full review »
Brad Smith
Principle Architect at NTT Data India Enterprise Application Services Pri
We weren't using any previous solution. I was trying to redesign how we deployed services and tools to our customers. The only way to do that was with virtualization. I needed something like Cisco HyperFlex HX because I'm a network guy. I'm not a server or storage guy. I wasn't the VM guy. I needed something that I could support with very low maintenance and very few hands. Cisco HyperFlex HX has fulfilled that need greatly. View full review »
Sr Solution Architect at NetDesign
Our customers know its time to switch solutions because of the demands from their users to deliver faster and to be more prepared for meeting their customer's needs. They're using my company and myself as a solution provider and a trusted technical adviser, so we work very closely with our customers in the decision making. View full review »
Enterprise Architect at a aerospace/defense firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
Our other solution works perfectly fine. However, we do capability upgrades every so often. This is a trigger for me to determine if we are looking in the right direction. As our requirements to be more agile have increased over time when working with our previous system, we learned the system is too complicated. We needed something which is smarter and can be more automated, where a physical engineer use a template and let it run, then get a green light because the system works. View full review »
IT Infrastructure Manager at Azersun Holding
We evaluated: * Cisco HyperFlex HX-Series vs Dell EMC * Cisco HyperFlex HX-Series vs NetApp * Cisco HyperFlex HX-Series vs AppDynamics. View full review »
Poorna Chandra
Senior Consultant at Daimler AG
It was more of an upgrade. We recently migrated the data centers in my organization and decided to have the latest models and technologies available in the market. View full review »
IT Systems Consultant at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We were approached by Cisco originally to try out the HyperFlex HX. They installed a very small deployment of it and we grew from that. The age of our equipment dictated that we have to upgrade. It was becoming end-of-life. That's what precipitated the move originally. View full review »
Simon Van Raalte
System Administrator at Provinzial NordWest
We worked for years with HPE services. We didn't see that they developed, so we looked for other vendors. In the end, we decided on Cisco and are now testing some Cisco technologies. The main technology for us is UCS. HyperFlex was an idea which came from our account manager. I said, "Okay, we can test it." We have a use case. Now, we are working with it. View full review »
Doug Rains
Sr Systems Engineer at a healthcare company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We had a new situation and a new problem that came up in our environment so we started evaluating other potential solutions. The solution we had couldn't resolve the new issue. We researched and learned that HyperFlex could solve it. View full review »
Alister Richmond
Technical Director at Ping Network Solutions
We were using HPE SimpliVity. We knew we needed a high availability, resilient data center architecture. SimpliVity simply did not meet these requirements. This forced us to look around. Cisco had improved massively around HyperFlex. As a Cisco partner, it was a natural choice for us. View full review »
Florian Haake
Network Administrator with 1,001-5,000 employees
We have a lot of IBM Systems, which were getting older. Our entire network is Cisco. There was also a good bundle for the HyperFlex system at the beginning when comparing price and value, and overall, it was a good investment. We received more performance for less money at the start. View full review »
Farrukh Qadir
Sr. System Engineer at IBL-Unisys
i have configured Dell VXrail and i feel its little bit difficult yo configure then Cisco hyperflex. but the main advantage of VXrail is we dont need existing vcenter, it has its own vcenter cluster by default. View full review »
Data Center Supervisor at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
We were not previously using another solution. View full review »
Pantelis Rizos
CIO at a energy/utilities company
Two or three years ago, it was something that my colleagues proposed to me as a very good program in order to provide an overall solution. All of our equipment was based in Cisco technology, so we didn't have to make any changes. View full review »
Senior Systems Engineer at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
We switched solutions because the market drives us, mostly Cisco drives us. They have high goals. Normally, we build up a classic converged infrastructure but now Cisco wanted us to deploy hyperconverged. View full review »
Network Engineer at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
We were using UCS previously, but we needed better hardware for our Call Monitor. View full review »
IT System Administrator at a manufacturing company with 5,001-10,000 employees
We had one other block-based storage just run out of support and service so we thought we'd go with migration. We have a dual-vendor concept and so we wanted to go with vSAN and something else in storage so we chose HyperFlex. View full review »
Systems Admin at a healthcare company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We were looking for hyperconverged solutions. We already purchased Cisco products for our data center. This was a next-generation device. View full review »
Network Analyst at a non-tech company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Our marketing team told us about the solution. They introduced every new technology that came in and gave us a demo. My managers considered the options and approved Cisco. View full review »
Florin Ramboiu
Product and Project Manager at ETA2U
Cisco let us know about HyperFlex. We receive training and liked it. We said, "Why not? Let's test it." View full review »
Solution Architect at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We knew we needed to switch solutions because we needed a solution with good performance, scanning, and an overall new and innovative solution. View full review »
Solution Architect at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
One of our customers was given HyperFlex as a present from a telcom provider. View full review »
David Orozco
Consultant at Italtel
We switched because we wanted more flexibility, more features and because the global PoC price is better. View full review »
Carlo Poggiarelli
Solution Architect at Teleconsys
Many customers already own a system for searching, e.g., an older UCS. They might be looking to integrate to a new tech solution or trying to build a new data center. View full review »
Mohamed Elolemy
Senior Presales Lead at Systems Engineering Of Egypt
Our customers knew they needed to switch to this solution because we have had good experiences with Cisco. It has a strong presence in Egypt and a good technical support and sales team. View full review »
RuudVan Donk
Solution Consultant IBM Storage/Lenovo/Softlayer at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
I have prior experience with VMware, Nutanix, and Lenovo HX. I think that Lenovo HX is more user-friendly and easier to deploy versus the Cisco HyperFlex solution. Lenovo HX also has more market share in the middle sized business market. View full review »
Manager at a comms service provider with 5,001-10,000 employees
Our technical team said that this is the best solution for us. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Cisco HyperFlex HX-Series. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
418,901 professionals have used our research since 2012.