Cisco SecureX Valuable Features

Wouter Hindriks
Technical Team Lead Network & Security at Missing Piece BV

For me, the most valuable feature is the overview: seeing hundreds of sites and thousands of endpoints; everything in a single dashboard.

It can show me spam attacks, phishing attacks, malicious file transfers on our firewalls, and malicious activity on our endpoints. In addition to all the security solutions it takes in, you can add in other websites and services as well.

Threat-hunting is a specific module within SecureX. You can say, "I want to know what's been happening within my organization. I'm seeing some activity here and I want to know if this machine, which is doing something strange, has been in contact with any other suspicious machines. Has it been receiving any suspicious email? What's going on?" It can really dig into any indication you have within your network.

It also provides automatic messaging. For example, if there's malware activity, it will be automatically matched to a certain category of malware saying, "This is credential access,” or “This is a discovery,” or “This is the exfiltration of data,” or “This is privilege escalation."

There is also the possibility of integrating feeds from different products. SecureX will not only work with Cisco products, but you can also put in different kinds of feeds if you have a different type of firewall or antivirus, for example.You can get the same intel within the same dashboard. You don't need to have only Cisco products. 

SecureX integration between Cisco products and third-party solutions is very valuable due to the fact that you get the security feeds and everything on the internet. If you want to know, for example, if something is Orion malware, it will say, "Hey, I have this webpage showing me indicators of compromise. It gives me a button within my browser and I can check whatever is on this page against my live environment. If there's anything on any webpage saying, "You should pay attention to this, or you should be aware of these malicious files," with a single click I can check them against my environment. The intel you get and the different products all generate output. And you can use the toolbar within your browser to make it very easy to put anything you find into SecureX.

The ribbon feature is quite useful. The solution is great at helping you maintain context around incidents as you navigate different consoles. It's immensely valuable due to the fact that, as you navigate between products and between pages, the ribbon stays with you. I can open a case there and I can also share it with my colleagues. We're back in lockdown again here in Europe, so everybody's working from home again. I can start an investigation on my machine and share it with my colleague. He can work on the same stuff and he can add to the case. You can very easily scale up your investigation. All the notes you've been taking, all the indicators you've collected, all the interesting stuff you've noticed are logged within the ribbon and available for your colleagues to work on as well. You don't have to email back and forth saying, "I found this. Hey, did you see that?" It's all there. You can cooperate on the same issue.

It saves you a lot of time investigating. It will not just show you what's happening within your environment but also what's happening in the rest of the world. If I'm seeing a file for the first time, it's very unlikely it's the first time in the world this file has ever been scanned. I can check if it has been scanned in other antivirus engines and what they think about the file. There is the integration with the service called VirusTotal. It has about 60 or 80 different engines. If I'm seeing a file and not sure about it, with a single click I can get the opinion of 60 different antivirus products on that file to show me what the rest of the world thinks about it.

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Michal Sabat
Infrastructure Engineer at a media company with 10,001+ employees

With SecureX you can see unusual activity and get more information about the machine or user involved. It provides you with more information about how to sort it out. That's a really important part of security, that you can protect your own network from unauthorized access.

In addition, using SecureX, a tool provided by Cisco, we can easily integrate it with many of our other Cisco products such as Cisco ISE and many networking devices.

Contextual awareness is also a really good part of SecureX. It works with many areas and, with one tool, you have good visibility into many areas that you manage. That is a really good feature.

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Blair Anderson
Technology Director at Shawnee Heights USD #450

One of the most valuable features is the simplicity of deploying SecureX. It's very easy to do that and then you gain very detailed visibility into everything that's going on in your network and, obviously, at the device level. There's just a wealth of information that you can pull from all of these products that are part of SecureX. You know exactly if you have an issue or not.

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