Cisco Sourcefire Firewalls Competitors and Alternatives

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Real User
IT Operation Manager
Jun 29 2017

What do you think of Cisco Firepower NGFW?

Valuable Features NGFW features software stability, quick software updates for known bugs/vulnerabilities. Why no hardware reliability (see Clock Signal Component Issue -Cisco)? Because without NGFW features it is basically like a home router. • Improvements to My Organization It is small, nobody knows where it is, nobody knows what it is, it works silently. So, as there is no issue, it is good for business and organization. • Room for Improvement License politics, license price, precise vendor roadmap for this product. • Use of Solution Two years. • Stability Issues Yes, FirePower is not stable, because every new software version comes with many features that cause problems. Cisco has to do it because other vendors have already added these features. •...
Real User
Senior Network Engineer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Feb 26 2018

What is most valuable?

Security policies in combination with zones: It is very easy to organize the security polices in a logical structure. CLI: Junos CLI is very easy to use, and it is also very easy to find back items in the configuration and to change them.... more»

How has it helped my organization?

Thanks to the well-structured and organized security policies, we decreased operations time to create/update/delete our security policies.

What needs improvement?

The visibility/reporting could be better. To see something, you have to export the log to a syslog and then process with another product.
Real User
IT Adviser/Manager with 51-200 employees
Jun 28 2017

What do you think of Meraki MX Firewalls?

Valuable Features The solution was cloud managed, so I could access it from anywhere and deploy it with zero configuration. • Improvements to My Organization Slowness or security can now be answered instantly. • Room for Improvement The event logging, alerting, and reporting features could use improvement. • Use of Solution I have used this solution for 2 years. • Stability Issues I did not encounter any issues with stability. • Scalability Issues I did not encounter any issues with scalability. • Customer Service and Technical Support I would rate technical support 10/10. • Previous Solutions I previously used Cisco and I switched because of missing manageability. • Initial Setup The initial setup was easy. Some features need more...

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