Clarity CA Overview

What is Clarity CA?

CA Client Automation delivers a complete view into your entire IT asset base and employs full automation and remote client management capabilities for managing the end user computing environment - whether physical or virtual. No matter how complex your IT environment, it streamlines the daily operational tasks that bog down your IT organization, helping you run more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before.

Clarity CA is also known as Client Automation, CA Client Manager, CA Client Automation.

Clarity CA Customers

First Horizon National Corporation, Olympus, Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago LimitedŒ _Petrotrinî, Racing and Wagering Western Australia

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IT Supporting Engineer at Uns energy corp
Real User
We can automatically deploy a package to the entire company but package creation is tricky

What other advice do I have?

One of the biggest things that I look for when selecting a vendor is that their solution is scalable, that you can grow with it. Because sometimes, everything changes really quickly. Another thing that I look for is integration, because we use other tools, like ticketing systems. Right now we are using CA and it is integrated with ServiceNow, so I think integration is a big piece of it. If a colleague of mine was considering CA Client Manager I would tell them to contact CA, let them know what they need exactly, and have CA do a demo for them. A demo will reproduce the environment so that they…
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