CloudFloorDNS Enterprise DNS Room for Improvement

Network Engineer at Walsh Brothers, Incorporated
Compared to the other platforms, the interface is not as smooth, but the options and support help make that a non-issue. I also liked that CloudFloor had domain registration, although I didn't use it. The notifications on the failover are quite extensive and the amount of protocols to test with was impressive. I am working on moving my new company over to their DNS in the near future. View full review »
IT Contractor
* I'd say that it would be nice if changes were possible on more than one record at a time, perhaps the changed records could change color or be rendered in boldface or just show a "not saved" per record. * The email for each line change is excessive, perhaps if the change emails consolidated all changes per domain in a given hour. * The stats are nice but deep. I'd like to be able to consolidate the 'www' with the "naked" domain stats. View full review »
Jonathan Sprague
Global Sr. Infrastructure Engineer - Technical Lead at Octapharma
My only recommendation might be a better, more modern interface. But the web UI is still pretty easy to use and gets the job done without issues. View full review »
IT Manager
Just to be able to import records with our current DNS product which didn't seem to work with importing domains using AXFR zone transfer records. View full review »