CloudFloorDNS Enterprise DNS Valuable Features

Network Engineer at Walsh Brothers, Incorporated
Monitoring and failover were great. They saved me from having to move hostnames manually (i.e., staying up in bed in the middle of the night). View full review »
IT Contractor
* Outstanding support * The ability to restore from changes * GeoDNS is so important to an international presence * Speed: Speed is everything in e-commerce. * I get notification emails when changes are made. View full review »
Jonathan Sprague
Global Sr. Infrastructure Engineer - Technical Lead at Octapharma
* Advertise SRV records based on GEO * DNS propagation is fast, typically done within minutes (not once or twice an hour like some providers). * Support and communication have been great during setup and implementation. View full review »
IT Manager
* Easy interface, and changes are emailed to me when zone changes are completed. * Support was outstanding when first setting up in trial mode and also after we had gone live with the product. View full review »