Codename One Overview

What is Codename One?
Codename One is a way of creating native mobile applications for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, using the same Java source code. Android native apps use Java, but iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone do not. Codename One makes translations of your Java code into the native code for each of these platforms, sometimes resulting in faster apps than the native versions. Codename One is open source for both commercial and non-commercial usage.
Codename One Customers

Pmovil, Chemetall Italia SRL, BOi Global Group

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Chicken Little at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees
Real User
Uses standard Java, with low rewrite requirement for existing applications.

Valuable Features:

Uses standard Java, with low rewrite requirement for existing applications.

Improvements to My Organization:

I ported a couple of large-ish real world Java applications, and maintained a common code base. Future development continues, fully cross platform, on standard desktop Java, Android and iOS.

Room for Improvement:

Core Java features are not fully supported (introspection, serialization) and many standard functionalities (windows, events) are implemented in an idiosyncratic way, not standard Java.
Senior Software Engineer at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
Real User
It has opened opportunities for rapid prototyping and cost-effective cross-platform development

What other advice do I have?

Like every other cross-platform technology, know the trade offs before embracing! In the case of CN1, that would be a native look-and-feel that is not 100% identical to pure native apps. That's acceptable in a lot of cases but not always. And, of course, it's always a plus to have knowledge of the native platforms..
Software Engineer
It's better than some of the available mobile app development frameworks such as Xamarin and Nativescript because it gives almost 100% -- if not 100% -- write once run anywhere.
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