Hyper-Converged (HCI) Questions
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Apr 05 2021


My environment is as follows:

  • APP server
  • Web servers
  • SQL servers
  • File servers

We have 25 servers and 100 users. 

Use case: Production and Distribution

Which Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI), in your opinion, is the best and the most suitable (for my environment) for a disaster recovery solution?

Steffen HornungSo you have 25 physical servers you want to virtualize, or are there 25 VMs… more »
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How does hyper-converged differ from converged? 

Is one better than the other? When would one choose converged, rather than hyper-converged?

Are there pros and cons to each type of solution?

Dan ReynoldsHyper-converged is typically an "all in one box/rack" solution. It consists of… more »
PierreChapusHyperconverged is a system cluster of at minimum 3 nodes. The system mirrors… more »
Satish Dgconverged infrastructure still incorporates hardware, running the technology… more »
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Apr 05 2021

What are some important factors to keep in mind and to compare when choosing between HCI solutions? 

ShivendraJha1. Support 2. Migration or Conversion process from existing solution 3. Cost… more »
Gaurav VyasAvailability, support, cost, compatibility and scalability, cloud readiness.
Michael SamaniegoThere are several solutions that claim to be HCI in the market, however the best… more »
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From my own research, it seems that Converged Infrastructure relies on hardware, whereas Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is software-based. What does this mean in practical terms? What are the pros and cons of each?

ROBIN JACKSONIn principle you’re right “Converged Infrastructure relies on hardware, whereas… more »
Bart HeungensAlso in a converged infrastructure software is important. Converged for me is a… more »
Norman AllenA Converged Infrastructure has more hardware.  Compute is on one set of… more »
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What are key factors that businesses should take into consideration when choosing between traditional SAN and hyper-converged solutions?

reviewer1234203There are so many variables to consider. First of all, have in mind that… more »
Tim WilliamsWhether to go 3 Tier (aka SAN) or HCI boils down to asking yourself what matters… more »
Bart HeungensAll depends of how you understand and use HCI: If you see HCI as an integrated… more »
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What are the benefits of using cloud versus hyper-converged infrastructure? What should enterprises take into account when choosing between these storage options?

Carlos EtchartI think that the key points to consider are: security, performance, and CAPEX vs… more »
Tim WilliamsHCI is on-prem, so it's simpler and easier to manage and integrate with… more »
Chaan BeardThere are several benefits of both Cloud and HCI that can be leveraged to the… more »
Ariel Lindenfeld
Sr. Director of Community
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Dec 09 2020

There are a lot of vendors offering HCI solutions. What is the #1 most important criteria to look for when evaluating solutions?

Help your peers cut through the vendor hype and make the best decision.

Bharat BediWhile there is a long list features/functions that we can look at for HCI -> In… more »
SamuelMcKoyIn my opinion, the most important criteria when assessing HCI solutions other… more »
Bart HeungensFor me an HCI solution should provide me: - ease of management, 1 console does… more »