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ITC Deployment Manager at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
Sep 29 2016

What do you think of CommScope iTracs?

Valuable Features The flexibility in this tool is amazing and this is the most valuable. • Improvements to My Organization DC's are managed on a technical level, not a management level. • Room for Improvement To create a simple build module for simple users. • Use of Solution 1 year • Deployment Issues No • Stability Issues No • Scalability Issues No • Customer Service and Technical Support Customer Service: 10 out of 10 Technical Support: 10 out of 10 • Previous Solutions No • Initial Setup Straightforward • Implementation Team Vendor team was Cans. 10/10 • ROI Unknown • Other Solutions Considered Yes, Nlyte and Cormant • Other Advice Yes, create more connections with other IT and ITSM solutions.


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What is CommScope iTracs?

The iTRACS® data center infrastructure management (DCIM) suite gives you an unprecedented view of all your physical ecosystem assets, systems and workflows. Harvest all the data from your IT and facility systems and integrate it into a single powerful pane of glass. See your entire infrastructure holistically in a way that’s easy to understand and manage.

iTRACS provides the widest lens through which to view all key functional areas of your infrastructure. Yet it is also powerful and granular enough to let you drill down to the component level—to every port on every device—in order to troubleshoot, analyze and optimize.

With an open architecture based on industry-standard interfaces and protocols, iTRACS DCIM accepts any data point from any source. So you can easily connect your DCIM with other power, environmental, ITSM, and other outside systems and share that deep-dive intelligence with stakeholders across your organization.

From the CIO to the technician on the floor, every decision can now be based on real-time verifiable information instead of guesswork—no matter how fast or often your environment changes. Everyone shares the same easy-to-understand view into the physical ecosystem. With iTRACS DCIM, you can finally tear down the traditional silos separating your IT, facilities, business, finance, and even real estate systems. You can realize the true strategic business value within your data center and its relationships with other entities within the enterprise.

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