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AlgoSec is ranked 1st in Firewall Security Management with 77 reviews while Tufin is ranked 2nd in Firewall Security Management with 76 reviews. AlgoSec is rated 9.2, while Tufin is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of AlgoSec writes "Reduces our workload and generates reports that facilitate auditing". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Tufin writes "SecureChange feature enables firewall rule automation, but Security Groups are pricey". AlgoSec is most compared with Tufin, FireMon and Skybox Security Suite, whereas Tufin is most compared with AlgoSec, FireMon and Skybox Security Suite. See our AlgoSec vs. Tufin report.
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This Appliance gives you the full Network MAP, which is obtainable from the Routing table.We are in the process of implementing FireFlow in our daily operation, which will make our lives even easier. The idea is to search the Firewall Analyzer for the equipment between the source and destination, and then automatically jump off to FireFlow and open a ticket. This will then automatically implement what is needed without the need to go into the Firewall itself. This will save us a lot of time and will help us to onboard junior engineers very quickly, getting them up to speed on our network and daily operation in record time.There are some important and really nice features that I want to mention about AlgoSec. The most useful feature is instantaneous AFA reports, that you do not have to wait (at least one week or even more for a more accurate one) to get optimization recommendations about policy as many other vendors.The automation of the firewall rule deployment, working together with our ticketing system, is the most valuable feature of this solution. The needs as required by a user request are automatically validated and configured in the specified firewalls without any human action.With this feature, you can directly permit the end-user to request what he/she needs, and if the security policy is respected it can directly be approved and implemented.The most valuable feature is the reporting, including the policy report and regulatory compliance reports.The most valuable feature is traffic simulation because, with this function, it has become more practical to know if something is released or blocked in my environment.FireFlow is the most valuable feature because we changed the way to set up rules on the firewalls.

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There are a lot of benefits to using the reporting. It gives us duplicate objects, duplicate services, shadow firewall rules, and the firewall rules not needed for a given number of days or months.The most valuable feature is alerting, which lets me know when someone has made a change.The filtering of lots of criteria is very valuable.The Automatic Policy Generator saves time because we are able to identify the required policy when a client doesn't know what he needs.The automated reporting on a regular basis is helping us to be compliant with legal requirements.Tufin assists us in maintaining a robust view of our internal network topology.This solution has helped us to meet our compliance mandates. We implemented the Unified Security Policy (USP). This helped enforce what compliance requirements that we had. We have mitigated and remediated issues that have been brought forth due to that USP showing us issues.It's hard to pick the most valuable feature. All of them are valuable, they're all critical for us... ChangeTrack obviously has a lot of very good features, like the risk analysis, the USP, and the Policy Browser.

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It seems that AlgoSec created a VSYS (Virtual system) for each virtual router name, even though our firewall has only a single VSYS.One important thing they should improve is their support level. We have a lot of trouble with the basic enterprise support level. They are very slow to respond and solve problems.To be more specific, when we tried to add some devices on AlgoSec it seemed to be done but when you checked the monitor section, some device was always red. Finally, we could handle this part by installing a new software fix but AlgoSec support was weak when we tried to handle this process.The interface needs to be more user-friendly for low-profile users so that we can give some kind of access to specific people around the company for self-configuration of specific rules.It would be easier if the network maps could be updated using the GUI portal instead of from the OS.Cisco Firepower device support is limited in our AlgoSec system and I think AlgoSec can improve in that area.I believe Active Change needs to be improved because not all products are supported, and some functions cannot be implemented by Active Change either.I would like to have AlgoSec update the topology maps from the GUI portal, rather than having to go into the OS.

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There are pros and cons to the workflow. You cannot customize it fully and there are some limitations. You cannot create a pure object, a firewall, IP, or service (single layer) object. You can only create a firewall object group. That is one of the challenges.I would like to see visibility into the FW features like IPS/Content Filter policies, the same way it does for FW rules/policies.I would like to see more configuration options on next-generation firewalls, defining possible standards for devices.I would like to see better report integration in this solution.I would like to see the setup of the Unified Security Policy simplified.The product should integrate with the UTM features.The metrics need improvement. They need more consistency or understanding of automation, along lines of customization of automation.Tufin has come a long way when it comes to visibility. What we would like to see is a little bit more on the discovery level, network discovery, which Tufin does not have today.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
It seems we have recovered our money on this appliance, so it is money well spent.The pricing of AlgoSec is fair.The pricing for this solution seems to be reasonable for the functionality.AlgoSec is not much more expensive compared to other products available in the market.The price is high but the support is extremely poor, so keep that in mind before choosing this product.The price is adapted to the product's utilization for each company.My advice is that you must do a POC and show value.The pricing for this solution is not cheap, but we get good value for what we pay.

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I believe our cost is more than $100,000 per year.I suggest talking with Tufin about the flexibility of the pricing structure.The licensing costs are a significant amount of money.I'm saving 20 man-hours a week, so I am seeing some ROI.The cost is pretty high. It's close to seven figures.For us it's around $40,000 or so.Licensing is on a customer by customer basis.The seller of Tufin, when I wanted the solution, was very flexible because the cost on the lease was very high in Latin America. So, he was able to reduce the cost.

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Answers from the Community
Miriam Tover
author avatarNetAdm81724

Tufin has the below limitations
Tufin had problems with VRFs and didn't understand a negated address object in a Fortinet firewall.

When choosing Firewall Management Software consider this:
The best thing to do upfront is to work out what's taking up time today:
· Evaluating and validating requests (garbage in = garbage out)
· Translating validated requirements into technical implementation plans (traversing multiple firewalls, NAT, router ACLs, etc)
· Dealing with a broad range of products and/or a requirement to do different things in different ways
· Policy risk evaluation (who decides what is/isn't allowed, how and why)
· Human sign-off / change control
· Executing an understood change plan
· Validating an understood change plan.

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AlgoSec simplifies, automates and orchestrates security policy management to enable enterprise organizations and service providers to manage security at the speed of business. Over 1,500 of the world’s leading organizations, including 20 of the Fortune 50, rely on AlgoSec to optimize their network security policy throughout its lifecycle, to accelerate application delivery while ensuring security and compliance. AlgoSec is committed to the success of each and every customer, and provides the industry’s only money-back guarantee.

Tufin Orchestration Suite is a comprehensive solution for network security management providing visibility, change tracking, analysis and auditing for firewall policies, network devices and cloud platforms. It also provides automatic application connectivity and firewall change management. It assures a tight security posture and regulatory compliance across all enterprise platforms.

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Find out how automation and orchestration of security policy management can help you increase agility and efficiency, while reducing risks and ensuring compliance and audit readiness. Request a Tufin demo today.

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Find out what your peers are saying about AlgoSec vs. Tufin and other solutions. Updated: January 2020.
391,932 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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