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Alteryx is ranked 1st in Data Science Platforms with 9 reviews while KNIME is ranked 3rd in Data Science Platforms with 9 reviews. Alteryx is rated 9.2, while KNIME is rated 8.6. The top reviewer of Alteryx writes "Speeds up the time to obtain business answers/insights on data". On the other hand, the top reviewer of KNIME writes "Our average record size was around 10 million records. If we have bigger data, we can opt for a Big Data extension for Hadoop, Spark, etc". Alteryx is most compared with KNIME, Dataiku Data Science Studio and RapidMiner, whereas KNIME is most compared with Alteryx, RapidMiner and Weka. See our Alteryx vs. KNIME report.
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Shortens the time required to start analyzing data and looking for insights, minimizing the tasks that do not add value to the business and maximizing the analysis phase.Alteryx speeds up the time to obtain business answers/insights on data.It is one of the most complete and great customer service that I experienced with a software company/ecosystem.The tools are built-in. You just plug and play, drag and drop, once you understand how to use the tools, it is easy.It helps clean messy data and provides spatial analysis.It saves time on a lot projects. ​The analytics are easy​.It allows for manipulation and automation, which has greatly reduced the amount of time required per project.

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It provides very fast problem solving and I don't need to do much coding in it. I just drag and drop.Key features include: very easy-to-use visual interface; Help functions and clear explanations of the functionalities and the used algorithms; Data Wrangling and data manipulation functionalities are certainly sufficient, as well as the looping possibilities which help you to automate parts of the analysis.Clear view of the data at every step of ETL process enables changing the flow as needed.We leverage KNIME flexibility in order to query data from our database and manipulate them for any ad-hoc business case, before presenting results to stakeholders.The product is very easy to understand even for non-analytical stakeholders. Sometimes we provide them with KNIME workflows and teach them how to run it on their own machine.Easy to connect with every database: We use queries from SQL, Redshift, Oracle.We are able to automate several functions which were done manually. I can integrate several data sets quickly and easily, to support analytics.Valuable features include visual workflow creation, workflow variables (parameterisation), automatic caching of all intermediate data sets in the workflow, scheduling with the server.

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Even when it already includes some AI models, this area could be improved.It would be great to create the final users' visualization within Alteryx.I think better visualization would be helpful to this solution.It is a little bit pricey.It seems to me that it is not always user friendly.Alteryx could be improved in the area of analytics and central governance.The next feature release should include easier reporting.In the database, it should be more functional and connect to more big data, especially using IPI.

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They could add more detailed examples of the functionality of every node, how it works and how we can use it, to make things easier at the beginning.The visualization functionalities are not good (cannot be compared to, for instance, the possibilities in R).The program is not fit for handling very large files or databases (greater than 1GB); it gets too slow and has a tendency to crash easily.​The data visualization part is the area most in need of improvement.The overall user experience feels unpolished. In particular: Data field type conversion is a real hassle, and date fields are a hassle; documentation is pretty poor; user community is average at best.Data visualization needs improvement.I'd like something that would make it easier to connect/parse websites, although I will fully admit that I'm not as proficient in KNIME as I would like to be, so it could be I'm just missing something.I would like it to have data visualitation capabilities. Today I'm still creating my own data visualtions tools to present my reports.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
Opt for the three year subscription. It is 20% less than the yearly one.ROI is huge. There are some secondary benefits, like analysts getting their post 5 PM time back or the ability to shorten all closing processes to a half or less.It is $4,000 a year, so it is cheap versus other solutions. It also accomplishes three times the volume on the job in the same time (as the other solutions).​It can be a bit pricey, especially after the first year.The seat is too expensive.​Very transparent.​

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KNIME desktop is free, which is great for analytics teams. Server is well priced, depending on how much support is required.

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Answers from the Community
Miriam Tover
Paul SimpsonConsultant

Although both Alteryx and KNIME can be found in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms, and they do have in common the paradigm of a visual workflow, they do have differences. Alteryx has a well-earned reputation for letting the user easily connect to different kinds of data sources and bring them into a workflow to create datasets for use in analysis. They are very good at this, and I've heard engineers speak well about that ability, preferring to use Alteryx for their ETL than to learn ways of doing the same work in SQL Server. Alteryx bought yhat, a data science platform, and have been gradually adding capabilities for predictive analytics into the Alteryx workflow. My own experience trying a data science predictive project in Alteryx showed me that the company still has a long way to go. The same predictive project was far slower with Alteryx on my laptop than using R code (in RStudio) on my laptop, and there were not many tools in Alteryx that could do what I could do with R coding. At least Alteryx does allow both R and Python script blocks of your own creation to be inserted as steps in the workflow. But, in my opinion, Alteryx is definitely NOT a suitable data science platform, as of this writing.

KNIME, on the other hand, is a more complete data science platform. I have used it just enough to get a feel for what it can do. It also allows your own code blocks as part of the workflow. I can't recall if it is R, Python or both. Also, like Alteryx, KNIME has developed connectors for many kinds of data sources. I have not tried that same R project in KNIME that I did in Alteryx, so I can't really compare its ability as a data science platform to the Alteryx. I would expect that Alteryx has a free trial version, and I know that KNIME is free software (they make money off of things like KNIME Server). If I were to recommend one or the other, I would recommend KNIME. But, if your company has standardized on Alteryx, you'll have a hard time convincing them to let you use KNIME. If money is not an issue, I would look for a data science platform that does the job better than either of these. I would consider RapidMiner, Dataiku and DataRobot. You can see the movement of all the above-mentioned tools from Gartner's placement of them in the 2018 and 2019 magic quadrants here:

13 March 19
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Alteryx is a self-service data analytics solution, that provides a platform that can prep, blend, and analyze all of your data, then deploy and share analytics in hours. It can automate time-consuming and manual data tasks while performing predictive, statistical, and spatial analytics in the same workflow. It uses a drag and drop tool with an intuitive user interface with no coding and programming required. Alteryx licenses are subscription-based and include all product updates and support to their customers.

KNIME is the leading open platform for data-driven innovation helping organizations to stay ahead of change. Use our open-source, enterprise-grade analytics platform to discover the potential hidden in your data, mine for fresh insights or predict new futures.
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Find out what your peers are saying about Alteryx vs. KNIME and other solutions. Updated: September 2019.
371,062 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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