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"Apache Kafka is open-source and can be used free of charge.""Kafka is open-source and it is cheaper than any other product.""Kafka is more reasonably priced than IBM MQ.""The solution is open source; it's free to use.""Apache Kafka is an open-source solution and there are no fees, but there are fees associated with confluence, which are based on subscription.""The solution is free, it is open-source.""Apache Kafka is free."

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523,742 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Top Answer: Depends upon the technologies being used. If you're using Oracle for both OLTP and OLAP then you'll get a lot of value from an Oracle solution. The other question is how up to date do you want your… more »
Top Answer: The most valuable features are the stream API, consumer groups, and the way that the scaling takes place.
Top Answer: Apache Kafka is free. My clients were using Confluent which provides high-quality support and services, and it was relatively expensive for our client. There was a lot of back and forth on negotiating… more »
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Amazon MQ is a managed message broker service for Apache ActiveMQ that makes it easy to set up and operate message brokers in the cloud. Message brokers allow different software systems–often using different programming languages, and on different platforms–to communicate and exchange information. Amazon MQ reduces your operational load by managing the provisioning, setup, and maintenance of ActiveMQ, a popular open-source message broker. Connecting your current applications to Amazon MQ is easy because it uses industry-standard APIs and protocols for messaging, including JMS, NMS, AMQP, STOMP, MQTT, and WebSocket. Using standards means that in most cases, there’s no need to rewrite any messaging code when you migrate to AWS.

Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform, with the following capabilities:

  • It lets you publish and subscribe to streams of records. In this respect it is similar to a message queue or enterprise messaging system.
  • It lets you store streams of records in a fault-tolerant way.
  • It lets you process streams of records as they occur.

Apache Kafka gets used for two broad classes of application:

  • Building real-time streaming data pipelines that reliably get data between systems or applications.
  • Building real-time streaming applications that transform or react to the streams of data.
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Find out what your peers are saying about IBM, Apache, VMware and others in Message Queue (MQ) Software. Updated: July 2021.
523,742 professionals have used our research since 2012.

Amazon MQ is ranked 10th in Message Queue (MQ) Software while Apache Kafka is ranked 2nd in Message Queue (MQ) Software with 17 reviews. Amazon MQ is rated 0.0, while Apache Kafka is rated 7.6. On the other hand, the top reviewer of Apache Kafka writes "Open source, granular message retention options, and good third party support". Amazon MQ is most compared with Amazon SQS, VMware RabbitMQ, Red Hat AMQ and Anypoint MQ, whereas Apache Kafka is most compared with IBM MQ, ActiveMQ, PubSub+ Event Broker, Red Hat AMQ and IBM Event Streams.

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