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Find out what your peers are saying about Anritsu Oscilloscopes vs. Keysight Oscilloscopes and other solutions. Updated: January 2021.
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"We can extract signal loss, skew, DKDF... and the tool is very flexible.""It supports the PAM-4 encoding scheme. We use that to do our PAM-4 receiver validation.""The user interface is easy, simple, and practical.""The most valuable feature is its frequency range.""It gives you the capability to increase the Tap levels and voltage strength more than what you have in your signal.""The jitter function included into the system has helped me in terms of improving the capabilities of our product.""The Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG) and Error Detector are co-located, which makes it easier to use because I can just probe it directly on the PCB."

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"Their software and hardware are integrated, so we don't have to spend a lot of time processing the data.""The user interface is very user-friendly. You can use a lot of functions in their scope and will provide them for you. You can update the scope's software by asking Keysight to update the software when you want.""It's easier to automate and connect with multiple devices, and at the same time with laptops.""Its versatility and accuracy are the most valuable features.""The user interface is very simple. Everyone can use it.""While it depends on the field, the learning curve is usually really quick.""Its 4 port has true differential with quite a few de-embedding features. It goes up to 40 GHz with high performance.""The user interface is very good, very graphical. It provides a lot of help in using and operating it."

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"I would like to see them improve the software. The new version can be improved. It's not quite stable. It restarts a lot.""The user interface is a bit complicated because they have so many tabs. If they could simplify it, this would be helpful and appreciated.""I would like the frequency range to be extended because of the speed. Electronics are moving forward to higher speeds, so it's better to have higher frequencies.""The product's antennas and radar applications need improvement.""Right now, it's a minimal tool. They could make it more dynamic by adding dynamic features, which could help us with doing effective analysis.""Sometimes, the forms keep changing because of new product technology. If they could reduce the amount of change in the form, this would be good.""I would like a better GUI with navigation. This should make it easier to compare to competitors, like Textronix or Keysight."

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"Sometimes, it's quite hard to get the technical support to come onsite. If we run into a hardware, measurement, or software issue, we may have to wait a long time for them to come.""I would like more accuracy, particularly for multiport measurements.""I would like more customized functions, so we can do the programming and definitions ourselves. There is an automation flow to capture this signal, and we would like to do this ourselves.""While the user interface is good with respect to instrumentation, but with respect to documentation, I do not like it. Its documentation is slightly bad. It was not organized properly. The way it's organized is very difficult to understand, so it takes lot of time to search for one thing in particular.""They can improve, but I don't know how.""The integration between different software and hardware panels could be improved. In the software, it's not as strong as the other solutions.""The user interface is not that good. It's not very intuitive. It's functional, but it's not designed for ease of operation. It's designed for functionality.""Every component has a manufacturing tolerance. I hope Keysight software can help with the tolerance loss in manufacturing variance, which can be ten percent or five percent. In the real world, we cannot fire a really perfect test with very smooth impedance. I would like to see Keysight provide a solution to solve the issue of loss of manufacturing variance."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
"It is expensive, but I guess that is why it works.""Pricing is always expensive. It would be better if they lowered the price.""It's very expensive equipment and cannot be upgraded after five years. If you buy equipment today, in five years, it won't be upgradeable. You have to upgrade it within the first five years that you buy it.""I think everyone gets a demo before purchasing.""Price-wise, it is much cheaper than its competitors.""The first version of the product is always expensive, then once there is competition, it will be cheaper.""The pricing is costly."

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"The major factor influencing the decision-makers is the price.""The pricing is good for what they offer.""If we rented the product, it would be more affordable than buying new.""The pricing is on the high side.""It's very expensive because this type of equipment is not so common. For a company buying it, this is a big investment.""It would be good if it were a little bit cheaper, of course.""We are looking at $600,000 and it's obviously expensive, but compared to others, everybody is in the same ballpark.""The cost is always a struggle. We always wish that we could do more for less."

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455,536 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Anritsu sampling oscilloscope is an ideal solution for Eye pattern analyses and Eye Mask tests. In addition, The excellent performance and high sampling speed reduce measurement times and help hold-down equipment costs.

More engineers are switching to Keysight oscilloscopes because they help you:

  • Get your products to market faster with award-winning oscilloscopes that offer the fastest update rates, the deepest memory, the industry‚Äôs only capacitive touch screen, and the most oscilloscope software options.
  • Produce the highest-performing products with measurements you can trust thanks to oscilloscopes with industry-leading signal integrity and the largest selection of oscilloscope probes.
  • Achieve the lowest cost of ownership with multiple instruments in one mainframe and easy upgrades.
  • Get a compact instrument with zero compromise in functionality with the Keysight Streamline Series USB oscilloscopes.
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Find out what your peers are saying about Anritsu Oscilloscopes vs. Keysight Oscilloscopes and other solutions. Updated: January 2021.
455,536 professionals have used our research since 2012.

Anritsu Oscilloscopes is ranked 7th in Oscilloscopes with 6 reviews while Keysight Oscilloscopes is ranked 2nd in Oscilloscopes with 23 reviews. Anritsu Oscilloscopes is rated 7.8, while Keysight Oscilloscopes is rated 8.4. The top reviewer of Anritsu Oscilloscopes writes "Gives you the capability to increase the voltage strength more than what you have in your signal, but it could use more dynamic features". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Keysight Oscilloscopes writes "Enables our high-speed compliance measurements for USB and display port HDMI, but GUI needs improvement". Anritsu Oscilloscopes is most compared with Rohde & Schwarz Oscilloscopes, whereas Keysight Oscilloscopes is most compared with Tektronix Oscilloscopes, Rohde & Schwarz Oscilloscopes, Teledyne LeCroy Oscilloscopes, RIGOL Oscilloscopes and Tenma Oscilloscopes. See our Anritsu Oscilloscopes vs. Keysight Oscilloscopes report.

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