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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

"The most valuable aspect of the solution is the ability to discover and track transactions.""The feature that is most valuable to us is the snapshot feature. It allows us to get a snapshot of different SQL scripts that are being executed simultaneously and we can identify everything we need on them.""The product is stable and the technical support is good.""The solution is very, very stable. We haven't faced any bugs or glitches on the system.""To be honest, it's a fantastic product.""The product is easy to install, it took about half an hour. The use and the configurations are simple as well."

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"The completeness of the solution is what we like the most.""The most valuable aspect of the solution is the dashboard. It's very intuitive.""It's the completeness of the solution that we like the most.""The flexibility of the solution is quite good.""This is a straightforward solution, easy to configure.""The logs on the solution are excellent.""Splunk can extract all kinds of data. There's no limitation on what kind of structured and unstructured data one needs to extract — it can access any kind of data, including machine-generated data.""Splunk is a user-friendly solution."

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"The user access management could be a bit better.""The application monitoring needs improvement. It needs to be easier for someone who isn't a proficient developer.""The product lost its place as an industry leader.""The setup, implementation and use are clumsy and need to be refined.""An improvement could be if the monitoring was able to be summarized into something more clear and simple for people who don't have the technical skills on the database side.""The scalability could be improved.""The networking monitor function could be better, we are not getting many details from it."

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"It's difficult to set up initially, and their billing model is also a bit complicated.""There are a lot of competitive products that are doing better than what Splunk is doing on the analytics side.""Our two main complaints are about the difficulty of the initial setup and the licensing model.""The solution has a high learning curve for users. It's a little complicated when you're trying to figure out all the features and what they do.""This is a costly solution.""It could be more user friendly, in terms of the end-user experience.""I'd say I am happy with the technical support, not elated. They provide great support, but sometimes they don't have the answers that I need.""In terms of the interface, it could include some improvements for the look and feel."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
"Pricing is based on the size of the deployment."

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"I think that most of the monitoring solutions are expensive.""I think that most of the log analytics solutions are expensive and I'm not sure if it's worth it.""Our customers often complain that the price of Splunk is too high.""Licensing is a yearly, one-time cost.""The price is comparable.""The pricing model is expensive and a nightmare based on the amount of data.""The solution is a little expensive.""It is economical than other solutions."

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534,226 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Questions from the Community
Top Answer: The product is easy to install, it took about half an hour. The use and the configurations are simple as well.
Top Answer: It would be helpful to have a dashboard and artificial intelligence for error detection and correlation for future releases.
Top Answer: We use the product for enterprise-level monitoring, everything from application to database monitoring. The product will tell you everything. It will show you at the code level where the issue is. For… more »
Top Answer: Easy to deploy and simple to use.
Top Answer: I think Splunk is expensive compared to other tools at the purchase stage. It's possible that if we can keep control of the costs involved down the track, it won't be so bad.
Top Answer: Hi @Miriam Tover ​, Some of the few points that I feel needs improvements is below : -Automated machine learning -Extraction, transformation and loading -Data modeling -Building Splunk queries… more »
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Splunk Enterprise Security
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More than half of application performance bottlenecks originate in the database, but most application teams have little or no visibility into database performance. With AppDynamics' database performance management product, you get 100% visibility into application performance, from the browser to the database.

Key Benefits

  • Visualize end-to-end application performance, from the browser to the database
  • Get alerts when database thresholds are violated
  • Monitor key performance metrics like top users, programs, SQL, objects and more.
  • See execution plans for slow SQL to isolate performance bottlenecks

Splunk software has been around since 2006 and the company has since grown to become an industry leader. Splunk's vision is to make machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everybody. The company offers a wide range of products to turn machine data into valuable information by monitoring and analyzing all activities. This is known as Operational Intelligence and is the unique value proposition of Splunk.

Splunk is well-known for its Log Management capabilities and also for its Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions.

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Sample Customers
Sony, DirecTV, UBS, The Container Store, The Neta Porter Group, Nasdaq, Cisco, eHarmony, Hallmark, Overstock, Expedia
Splunk has more than 7,000 customers spread across over 90 countries. These customers include Telenor, UniCredit, ideeli, McKenney's, Tesco, and SurveyMonkey.
Top Industries
Financial Services Firm44%
Training & Coaching Company11%
Manufacturing Company11%
Computer Software Company20%
Financial Services Firm15%
Comms Service Provider12%
Financial Services Firm18%
Energy/Utilities Company13%
Computer Software Company11%
Computer Software Company28%
Comms Service Provider17%
Financial Services Firm10%
Company Size
Small Business15%
Midsize Enterprise8%
Large Enterprise77%
Small Business28%
Midsize Enterprise15%
Large Enterprise57%
Small Business24%
Midsize Enterprise20%
Large Enterprise56%
Find out what your peers are saying about Dynatrace, Datadog, AppDynamics and others in Application Performance Management (APM). Updated: September 2021.
534,226 professionals have used our research since 2012.

AppDynamics Database Monitoring is ranked 14th in Application Performance Management (APM) with 6 reviews while Splunk is ranked 1st in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) with 35 reviews. AppDynamics Database Monitoring is rated 7.2, while Splunk is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of AppDynamics Database Monitoring writes "While this is still a good solution for database monitoring it has fallen from its place as a leader in the field". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Splunk writes "Good support with an intuitive dashboard but the cost is too high". AppDynamics Database Monitoring is most compared with AWS X-Ray, Dynatrace, ITRS Geneos, BMC TrueSight Operations Management and Broadcom DX Application Performance Management, whereas Splunk is most compared with Dynatrace, Datadog, IBM QRadar, Zabbix and ELK Logstash.

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