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As of April 2019, ARIS BPM is ranked 3rd in Business Process Design with 22 reviews vs iGrafx which is ranked 6th in Business Process Design with 5 reviews. The top reviewer of ARIS BPM writes "Quickly gives us a picture of what business processes are being used across the entire organization, and which can be reused". The top reviewer of iGrafx writes "Provides a way to build flowcharts and process simulations". ARIS BPM is most compared with Bizagi, MEGA HOPEX and Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. iGrafx is most compared with Visio, ARIS BPM and Signavio Process Manager. See our ARIS BPM vs. iGrafx report.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

You can relate different aspects of an organization to each other, and you can clearly define the rates seen in the application.It has allowed us to model our enterprise process architecture.BPA, the modeling tool, is the main module used because of our need for documentation.​​ARIS process modeling and analysis allows integration of end-to-end business processes with the organization's vision, strategies, and business objectives, through visual management.Business Process Analysis: We can simulate, optimize, and analyse business processes based on various business requirements. It assures our rolling out the best want to do modeling with the old notation form, ours was EPC, you can use the same object in the BPMN because the database is built in a way that you can use both things. So you only have to define it once, and if the notation form is BPMN and those kind of activities, you can use the same EPCs, so there is a connection between them.From an architectural point of view, when you're looking at the business area, you can find all the information you have to use as an architect.Also, the UML parts have been improved very much in the last two years. And it's very powerful now to combine the BPMN and UML parts in the product, because you can make a connection between them, so that you have the right interoperability between them. So if you're doing data modeling, you can use your class diagram and bind that to the BPMN part.

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Web diagramming and RACI have helped expedite the process, capture, and ownership initiatives of our organization.It has simplified compliance with regulations and company standards.

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One of the biggest challenges is to realistically enable the defined structures of the processes that you have in ARIS documented, and then actually implement them in the business.Displaying role allocation matrix models in ARIS Connect needs improvement.Areas for improvement include sales, prospecting, shopping, customer service, after-sales (claims and advice for the client), and all processes pertaining to customer loyalty.​Training is one of the important aspects for process awareness. As soon as a process is rolled out, process training is required. If ARIS could generate output in PowerPoint, it would be great for business users.One of the issues is, when you are defining databases, the way they use entities and relationship diagrams, the way we can define data, like data models, there is still a part they could improve.The user experience's usability (in general) should be improved as the tool is updated.It needs external API and the ability to navigate back, similar to "Back" in web browser.​The usability. Others tools are easier to manage without same complexity that ARIS has.​

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I would love to see a template and shapes for customer journey mapping.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
You will never get a fixed price for this product because they will go in and ask you what kind of environment would you like to set up? How many people will you work with? How big is your organization? Today, they have a fixed price to say, "Okay, just to start the business area, buy two licenses for modeling and eight people that can look into the product." They have this kind of fixed price. It's 50,000 Danish Krone. If you divided that by about six, then you get the pricing in dollars. Still, when you are going out, negotiate and find the right price. You will never get a fixed price: "It costs this and, if you take ten of these, seven of these and eight of these, and then it costs this." No, you negotiate every time.From my point of view, no, it is not cheap, but it is not too expensive because you get this big organization behind it, technical support, and all those things. It's not so expensive to use. It's a Rolls Royce in this field, I know that. Even for small organizations, they can get so much effect from using this tool, in a very fast way, so the money will be back in the customer's pocket very fast.If you can afford it, it's the best so far.ARIS Express​ is free.​It is on the higher side.Negotiate. Price is high so make sure you’re getting the best deal.It is well worth the investment in the enterprise.The pricing and licensing costs are available on their website. They will assign a relationship manager to assist if you show further interest in their products.

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Software AG's ARIS Business Process Analysis Platform is ideal for organizations that want to document, analyze, standardize and improve their processes. Design, document, analyze, optimize and communicate processes to achieve business process excellence by using the ARIS Business Process Analysis Platform. With more efficient processes across business, IT and SAP systems, your Digital Enterprise can respond to changing business and market requirements more quickly.

iGrafx business process management and analysis solutions empower organizations to achieve maximum performance. iGrafx captures and communicates the alignment of strategy, people, processes and technology, and unites the entire organization around delivering business value. iGrafx delivers strategic and operational decision support to enable our customers to become and remain world class competitors.
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Find out what your peers are saying about ARIS BPM vs. iGrafx and other solutions. Updated: March 2019.
333,561 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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