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"The ease of deployment is useful so clients are up and running quickly in comparison to other products.""The most valuable feature is the ease of uploading data from multiple sources."

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"The most valuable features are the flexibility and that it's easy to use as an end-user compared to AWS.""The initial setup was really easy and straightforward.""The MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) architecture helps to make things a lot faster.""The most valuable feature is the scalability.""The main advantage of using this solution is its ability to scale and handle very large amounts of data, in the petabyte range.""The features we've found most valuable for data warehouses is extracting data, SSIS packages, and the DBs.""Azure elasticity allows us to scale as much as we want, and it is pay-as-you-go, so we can scale up as we need to.""The most valuable feature is the incremental load because we do not need to refresh the entire data on a daily basis."

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"There are some ways that the handling of unstructured data could be improved.""It is hard for some of our users to set up rules for cleansing and transforming data, so this is something that could be improved."

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"The initial setup process needs improvement. When you're moving to the cloud it takes a bit of time. It would be great if they could implement something that would make it faster.""It would be of interest to improve things like the web service integration and availability in terms of being easy to create internal web services in the database.""This is a young product in transition to the cloud and it needs more work before it is both settled as a product and competitive in the market.""It's pay as you go, so you never know what your bill is going to be beforehand, and that's scary for customers. If you have someone who makes a mistake and the program's a loop that is running all night, you could receive a very expensive bill.""With respect to what needs to be improved, concurrent connectivity has some limitations.""I'm not entirely happy with the billing model. I'm not entirely happy with how the enterprise services are pretty expensive, but that's about it.""The configuration for things like high-availability could be more user-friendly for non-technical users.""I would like to see version control implemented into the data warehouse."

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"The product cost is high for what the client gets. There may be more cost-effective solutions for small and medium-sized organizations."

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"The pricing is okay. You can pay as you go.""This solution starts at €1000.00 a month for just the basics and can go up to €300,000.00 per month for the fastest version.""When we are not using this solution we can simply shut it down saving us costs, which is a nice advantage.""The licensing fees for this solution are on a pay-per-use basis, and not very expensive.""All of the prices are available online.""Our license is very expensive""They are cost aggressive, and it integrates well with other Microsoft tools.""There is a cost calculator available online that allows you to input your entire scenario, and it will get back to you with information on what the costs are going to be."

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Top Answer: The main reason is security and governance.  Most of the time, you are required to perform different actions on the data. Cleansing and adapting it to naming standards is pretty common and this… more »
Top Answer: The most valuable features of Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics are how easy and quick it is to set up the linked services.
Top Answer: We chose the serverless option for the database which has saved us a lot of money. Our costs are approximately £600 per month.
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Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Microsoft Azure SQL DW, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, MS Azure Synapse Analytics
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SQL-MapReduce is a framework created by Teradata Aster to allow developers to write powerful and highly expressive SQL-MapReduce functions in languages such as Java, C#, Python, C++, and R and push them into the discovery platform for high performance analytics. Analysts can then invoke SQL-MapReduce functions using standard SQL or R through Aster Database, the first discovery platform that allows applications to be fully embedded within the database engine to enable ultra-fast, deep analysis of massive data sets.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a Fast, flexible, and secure analytics platform for the enterprise. Azure SQL Data Warehouse lets you independently scale compute and storage, while pausing and resuming your data warehouse within minutes through a massively parallel processing architecture designed for the cloud. Seamlessly create your hub for analytics along with native connectivity with data integration and visualization services, all while using your existing SQL and BI skills.

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Find out what your peers are saying about Snowflake Computing, Oracle, Micro Focus and others in Data Warehouse. Updated: August 2021.
533,638 professionals have used our research since 2012.

Aster Data Map Reduce is ranked 16th in Data Warehouse with 2 reviews while Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics is ranked 2nd in Cloud Data Warehouse with 35 reviews. Aster Data Map Reduce is rated 7.6, while Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of Aster Data Map Reduce writes "Has good base product functionality of data storage and analytics but there should be an option to use it on the cloud ". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics writes "Scalable, intuitive, facilitates compliance and keeping your data secure". Aster Data Map Reduce is most compared with Oracle Exadata, whereas Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics is most compared with Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, SAP BW4HANA, Apache Hadoop and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

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