BMC TrueSight Operations Management vs. SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor

BMC TrueSight Operations Management is ranked 8th in Application Performance Management (APM) with 8 reviews vs SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor which is ranked 9th in Application Performance Management (APM) with 8 reviews. The top reviewer of BMC TrueSight Operations Management writes "Before choosing this product, we evaluated other options, and we still do. Mainly, it ends in a mixture of tools, and using open source-based tools reporting up into it". The top reviewer of SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor writes "We use this product for base and application monitoring. ". BMC TrueSight Operations Management is most compared with AppDynamics, Dynatrace and SCOM. SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor is most compared with Dynatrace, BMC TrueSight Operations Management and AppDynamics. See our BMC TrueSight Operations Management vs. SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor report.
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Valuable features include wide support for monitoring, strong event management, service management capability, baselining (analytics) and easy to integrate other tools with it.It provides common administration, and a Single Sign-On Platform with RBAC, which eases the cross launch between multiple toolsThe tailoring of the knowledge modules has been particularly useful as I can streamline the agents to only report on critical events.It is very helpful to be able to apply rule-based routing to alerts.TSOM's ability to consolidate alerts into a single location and provide filtering of alerts is great.It has provided us with a single location to host all events to be viewed/monitored by our NOC. This has greatly helped them to streamline their processes.It allows our operations team to have one single application to reference when investigating issues in our environment.Signature baselines, which have allowed us to fine tune many of our events and significantly reduce the number of events generated.

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Monitoring the components on your devices with out of the box monitors or the ability to create new ones (SAM)Hardware health: It allows for proactive monitoring of the hardware health and is a game changer.It is simple to implement and can provide fairly decent Windows-based monitoring, beyond simple SNMP. It is great for monitoring newbies and smaller shops.Extremely user friendly: Any IT professional can learn how to admin NPM in a short time.I adore the NTA module that provides deep details on ingress/egress traffic for any interface. With a few clicks, you can correlate who is accessing what and when, beside the bandwidth consuming applications/users.AppInsight for SQL: Enables us to see the relevant error log entries on the same page as performance parameters.The features like trends, capacity planning, recommendations, and diagnostics are the main items I focus on for added value.Manage Groups: The capability to group appropriate devices gives better visibility of sites, categories, or critical regions. The same can be used to represent a dashboard for higher management.

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Deployment requires lots of resources (servers). It has too many consoles.The knowledge modules could be more lightweight in size. At present, the installation packages can be quite large.BMC's solutions for cloud monitoring (monitoring of AWS and Azure resources) are very poor in stability and customization.BMC's online documentation is often incorrect or incomplete.I would really like to see out-of-the-box support for monitoring uninterruptible power supplies.More modules for less popular applications and better documentation.I think the ease of deployment needs to be looked at. It would be great if the deployment was faster and easier.The sizing (which is difficult), the maintenance of it and the upgrade paths. This is a difficult area which is not easy to cover, as every client has a different approach of implementing the product.

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Currently SolarWinds SAM offers AppInsight for modern versions of: IIS, Exchange, SQL Server. They have shown to be powerful and insightful tools. However, AppInsight needs to be offered for more applications: Citrix, SharePoint, AX, etc.It needs time-based functions for monitoring. Some things need to be polled on a specific schedule or only during a specific window.Nodes in Azure are able to be monitored with the use of agents, but this does not apply to cloud service offerings that are not node based.I think they need to make reporting easier and more simple & dynamic.SAM AppInsight for SQL: The ability to ignore fragmentation of specific indexes.I believe that some of the trends, environmental maps, and items like those found in Orion would be very beneficial.PerfStack can be made more effective. I am sure SolarWinds already has a plan for the same in coming versions.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
Pricing is very high.The solutions are not the cheapest but are robust and stable. License model is rather complex and BMC do often change the model.Use conservative figures. In terms of hardware, monitored servers and also effort. The product is not cheap. But as with other products, you get what you pay for.

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Understanding the counts of objects to monitor will determine the licensing need. In terms of pricing, it’s not cheap but it’s not expensive as larger vendors whose products don’t have all the features or integrations.SAM is not per server so the pricing model can be deceiving. If you have an enterprise environment, you will quickly exceed your licensing quickly. You should know this before going in.Pricing and licensing is fair for what you get. It does have a great bang-for-the-buck appeal.I would advise potential buyers to wait until the end of the quarter, end of year, or other time to place orders. There are actually great deals to be had at those times if your budget cycle can match up.When planning for the number of licenses to purchase, make sure you understand all of the elements within an application required to really understand performance well. In our case, we quickly came to the conclusion that an unlimited license for SAM was the way to go.I have always said SolarWinds is very “proud” of their products, meaning they are expensive. I cannot afford to purchase all the licenses I need for all the SolarWinds products.Nagios XI, WhatsUpGold, Uptime Software, PRTG, Manage Engine, and SpiceWorks are the other tools that have lower pricing and licensing costs. However, they can't compete with SolarWinds when it comes to the features and functionality that SolarWinds can provide.

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ProactiveNet, TrueSight Operations ManagementSolarWinds SAM

The BMCProactiveNet Performance Management Suite is made up of a number of essential components that will allow end-users to proactively manage their physical,virtual and cloud environments.

By combining capacity and performance analytics, ProactiveNet aligns IT enterprise and cloud systems to business demands, ultimately creating more intelligent and proactive business processes. ProactiveNet allows business needs and demands to be the driver of the IT system, and not the other way round, with the result being optimized resources, reduced risks and costs, and higher performance levels within the business.

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) delivers powerful application and server monitoring capabilities for IT pros, enabling them to diagnose and troubleshoot performance issues faster. Do not let slow applications and downtime impact your end-users and business services. Pinpoint the root cause of application issues across various layers of the IT stack. SolarWinds SAM is affordable and easy to deploy, use, and customize. You can automatically discover your system's environment and start monitoring in about an hour. No professional services or consultation needed.

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Find out what your peers are saying about BMC TrueSight Operations Management vs. SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor and other solutions.
310,868 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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