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Check Point CloudGuard is ranked 4th in Cloud Workload Security with 8 reviews while CloudPassage which is ranked 7th in Cloud Workload Security with 2 reviews. Check Point CloudGuard is rated 7.8, while CloudPassage is rated 7.8. The top reviewer of Check Point CloudGuard writes "Intercepts phishing emails and emails laden with malware, viruses, and false links". On the other hand, the top reviewer of CloudPassage writes "It helped us be more aware of what our security posture is, but not all of the features work in my environment". Check Point CloudGuard is most compared with Dome9, Evident and Palo Alto Networks Prisma Public Cloud, whereas CloudPassage is most compared with Dome9, Evident and Palo Alto Networks Prisma Public Cloud. See our Check Point CloudGuard vs. CloudPassage report.
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Check Point adds value with east-west protection in the data center.It is scalable. It's a cloud solution, so it's easy to implement and manage.I like how straightforward it is and simple it is to implement in the cloud.The stability is very good. It is easy to use, which makes it easy for the end user.The main benefit is that hackers can't steal information.It seems quite scalable. We don't anticipate any scaling issues. We have it deployed in the cloud.The most valuable features would be its ability to intercept phishing emails and emails laden with malware, viruses, false links, etc.Moving into the cloud without having to change a lot of our internal processes and retrain staff is one of the biggest benefits of this solution.

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Key features are the Software Vulnerability Assessment and the CSM, which is the configuration check.Policies are very easy to manage on a day-to-day basis.

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There is always room for improvement and growth.The product can still grow.I would like for them to develop the ability to add additional users within a pod, where it is round robin.We have used technical support, but their response time is very slow. It needs to be improved.Stability has been a pain point. I was going back and forth with my product engineer and project manager for a couple of months. I had the product in a demonstration mode and wasn't satisfied with the results initially. After a few alterations and a few revisions later, it is fine.I would like to see more focus on east-west traffic inspection and AWS.I have learned enough to make the product stable. However, the stability has some challenges.I would love it if they would do some work on the Postgres definition on the back-end.

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Anything outside of the software vulnerability management and the CSM, things like the GhostPort, need some improvement. The dashboard is in beta. It looks really good, I wish it would come out of beta.In the CSM module the policies are really hard to work with it. It is not very flexible at all. I would suggest that they change that. Right now, the scan is based on the group that the server is in. What happens if the server is in multiple groups?Of all the advertised functions, I only find two things that really work in my environment, even though I wanted to use all of them. They're not flexible enough to be used.The reports and graphs are unintuitive.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
Having information stolen by a hacker would be more expensive than purchasing a license.Being able to keep the phishing campaigns out of my company has been ROI for me.Do a full feature evaluation (interactive) with a support person. That is what I did.

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CloudPassage is a little bit on the expensive side. So my suggestion is that the company lower its price point a wee bit or sell modules, separate them in modules, because I only find two things that are useful to me, yet I pay for four or five modules. It didn't seem like it was a fair deal.We also evaluated VMware NSX, but the pricing and features available in a CloudPassage implementation were decisive in deciding to go with CP.

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353,345 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Also Known As
CloudPassage Halo
Check Point

Check Point CloudGuard, powered by the Infinity Architecture, is a comprehensive suite of products that deliver proactive protections for cloud data, workloads, networks and applications.

The comprehensive portfolio seamlessly integrates with the largest number of cloud infrastructures and applications to instantly and easily keep all your cloud services protected against even the most sophisticated Gen V (5th generation) cyberattacks. CloudGuard supports a single-click and agile deployment model aligned with the dynamic nature of cloud services, making expanding your cloud services a breeze.

CloudPassage Halo is an agile security and compliance platform that works in any cloud infrastructure: public, private or hybrid. The platform is unique because it provides continuous visibility and enforcement delivered as a service, so it’s on-demand, fast to deploy, fully automated and works at any scale.

The CloudPassage platform delivers a comprehensive set of security and compliance features, so you don’t have pay for and manage point solutions that often don’t integrate well with each other. Hundreds of companies use CloudPassage as a strategy to take full advantage of the business benefits of their cloud investments, with the confidence that critical business assets are protected. Using CloudPassage, security organizations achieve 6 critical control objectives with a platform that is flexible, fast and scalable:

Visibility: Immediate, consistent, continuous knowledge of what assets exist, where they reside, and what they’re doing.

Strong Access Control: Strong, layered controls enabling authorized access & denial of resources to unauthorized entities.

Vulnerability Management: Continuous detection & elimination of issues that create exploitable points of weakness.

Data Protection: Assurance that critical data is encrypted & used appropriately by authorized entities while in motion or at rest.

Compromise Management: Capabilities that enable detection & response to malicious or accidental compromise of resources.

Operational Automation: Day-to-day management of technologies & processes that ensure security & compliance.

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Find out what your peers are saying about Check Point CloudGuard vs. CloudPassage and other solutions. Updated: July 2019.
353,345 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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