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As of February 2019, Commvault is ranked 9th in Backup and Recovery Software with 8 reviews vs Rubrik which is ranked 2nd in Backup and Recovery Software with 26 reviews. The top reviewer of Commvault writes "One of the biggest features is the global deduplication of our data sets". The top reviewer of Rubrik writes "Rubrik, Your One Stop Shop For Data Management & Peace of Mind". Commvault is most compared with Veritas NetBackup, Veeam Backup & Replication and Rubrik. Rubrik is most compared with Cohesity, Veeam Backup & Replication and Commvault. See our Commvault vs. Rubrik report.
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It's an enterprise product. It's a stable product. We have good support. Almost all databases are in the scope.Backup and archive with a single window, with a single backup job. You only need to type "c".Cloud integration.Great archive feature, OnePass, for the file system and Exchange servers.A very stable and scalable platform (you can backup/restore/protect a couple of MBs or hundred of TBs as well from the same console/platform).One-Pass (Archive) DataBase backup (Online Backup and Granular level restore), VM backup and restore.Well documented SQL views and customizable reports, together with scripts and workflows provides ability to automate processes and ensure proper controls are in place.The cloud integration is a massive win for us, giving us a single backup service for all of our on-premise and cloud systems.

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The tech support is extremely helpful.The live mounting and compatibility of different operating systems is great.Rubrik can also serve as a secondary host for emergency recoveries.Features we have requested are typically added to the next product release.Product support team is excellent, with issues typically being resolved on the same day.A Google-like file search, system scaling, and a frequent development cycle are some positives that this solution offers.Rubrik has led to improvement by reducing the amount of failed backups, leading to a reduced workload in IT operations.It has a streamlined user interface, provides an improved tech support experience, and reduces time required to locate and restore data.

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You need quite a lot of human resources to maintain a Commvault environment, to keep it operational. Also, it would be nice to if there were an easier way set up some Commvault components.The HTML interface is a remarkable improvement. However, there are still some features that are not available in that interface that are available in the Java console, but I'm sure that will come with time.I just wanted to compare the features, which are there in EMC NetWorker, which are not available in Commvault. We have things using Networker.Training.Reduce the complexity for better understanding of the reports. There are a lot of variables in which you can get confused while elaborating on reports.Endpoint backup.Mostly controls, visibility, cost allocation.The new HTML5-based management portals are very nice, but do not yet have all of the features of the Java-based client.

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Its cost is high.I would like to have a built-in index searching ability of files/system files within the Rubrik interface to determine if a file or item exists, rather than just recovering it, and then doing a search for the file afterwards.Global management of multiple systems is lacking, as is reporting across multiple installed units.Improving PowerShell integration would greatly simplify Rubrik management.A singular system is needed to manage all of the clusters.It is an expensive product.It does not offer image-level backups for Hyper-V 2012.Needs integration with video CD (coming in the next release) and a multi-tenant GUI.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
Licensing could be better explained. Sometimes, it's unclear what features are available in different licensing models.New licensing is easy and affordable.There is now a subscription based licence option that, depending on your environment, could offer a more efficient method to licence the solution if you are OPEX cost driven rather than CAPEX.

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It is a great value, but its cost is still a bit high.The product is not cheap, but for good reason. It simply works and is very fast.Rubrik is not cheap. Hopefully, you can archive your data on cheap storage to keep the investment minimal.The cost was less than our previous provider, and this is a much better product.Rubrik is an all inclusive price. No additional implementation costs or licencing.The setup cost is a bit high, but the solution is an all-in-one solution.You will pay less than you think for such a wonderful product.It’s simple, straightforward, and we were able to see 50% hard savings.

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Answers from the Community
Rhea Rapps
Brandon MorrisReal User

If you would like a solution that requires constant babysitting and restarting agents, then Commvault is for you. If you would love to be upsold to backup more than your backup server can handle, then Commvault is for you. If during that process you would like your deduplication engine to die, and lose the ability to use all of your backups, then Commvault is for you.

If you would like something that just works and keeps doing it without further effort, then Rubrik is for you.

08 August 18

If you have a simple environment with a small infrastructure team and Rubrik will do everything you need, Rubrik is a strong solution. Commvault is the most complete data protection solution if you have a complex environment and need a more flexible range of recovery methods, but you will need dedicated Commvault administrators because it’s a beast.

Another point is that in general, I don’t like physical appliance-based solutions like Rubrik, because the hardware and software go EOL together. Software solutions like Commvault retain their value through successive hardware life cycles, you just keep updating the software and replacing the hardware.

07 August 18
Hesekiel KoeberUser

from my Opinion at the Moment CVLT is the better Solution than Rubrik because of following aspects:

- flexible Deployment options (Physical, Virtual and Cloud)
- highly scalable Software only Solution
- mature and feature-rich Code Base (Deduplication, Compression, Secure Access, HW Snapshot, Blocklevel, Instant Access)
- nearly any APP, System or Cloud can be integrated without Scripting
- nearly unlimited Tuning parameters to customize this as the product has been grown more than 10 Years on the market
- Company with long year focus and real life experience in enterprise projects
- Open Platform no Vendor Lock-In Strategie
- Great Engineering and Support organization

In the past pricing / licensing structure has been often the killer for Midsize Companies to buy into a CVLT solution – that’s why Veeam has been successful
with the new Licensing schema and pricing this should be fixed.

Rubrik to my eyes primarily pushes the market with the following messages:
- ease of use (Preconfigured Policies)
- quick installation (Appliance Design)
- Webscale Architecture
- Instant Access for Test/DEV (near zero RTO)

A Customer must greatly benefit from most of these as the total cost of the Rubrik solution might be higher than a “legacy” CVLT Solution.
The risk is that Rubrik currently has only / limited mainstream Application Support, DEV Team may require a long time to cope with upcoming Customer requests.

08 August 18
Jonathon ManciniReal User

We looked at Commvault and Rubrik and ended up going with Cohesity. We are using it both to store backups and as a file server to replace windows file servers so Cohesity was the best fit for us.

07 August 18
MS AlamReal User

As per my opinion. Rubrik is better than Commvault.

05 September 18
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Commvault can help you transform your data into a powerful strategic asset, with data protection and information management solutions that enable you to protect, access and use all of your data anywhere and anytime.

Rubrik provides the industry's first Converged Data Management platform with the Rubrik r300 Series Hybrid Cloud Appliance, fusing enterprise-class data management with web-scale IT. Organizations use Rubrik to deliver live data access to recover from failures and accelerate application development. Our team has helped build products such as Google File System, Google Search, YouTube, Facebook Data Infrastructure, VMware Virtualization, Data Domain File System, and Amazon Infrastructure.

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Find out what your peers are saying about Commvault vs. Rubrik and other solutions. Updated: January 2019.
317,440 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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