Dell EMC SC Series vs. Kaminario K2

As of February 2019, Dell EMC SC Series is ranked 12th in All-Flash Storage Arrays with 21 reviews vs Kaminario K2 which is ranked 13th in All-Flash Storage Arrays with 6 reviews. The top reviewer of Dell EMC SC Series writes "No-forklift upgrade means I can change out controllers, add shelves, storage, or SSD drives, while it's up and running". The top reviewer of Kaminario K2 writes "It is extremely simple, performant, and scalable due to adaptive block size and scale out". Dell EMC SC Series is most compared with HPE 3PAR Flash Storage, Nimble Storage and NetApp AFF (All Flash FAS). Kaminario K2 is most compared with Pure Storage FlashArray, Dell EMC XtremIO Flash and Nimble Storage. See our Dell EMC SC Series vs. Kaminario K2 report.
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Find out what your peers are saying about Dell EMC SC Series vs. Kaminario K2 and other solutions. Updated: January 2019.
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The most valuable feature is the ability to replicate. We are running a financial company and it needs to be available 24/7. We can't afford any downtime.It has good dedupe and compression. Also, the built-in data migration capabilities are pretty good, as is the federation. When we started migrating the workloads from different storage platforms, like NetApp and XtremeIO, it helped us in moving to that direction.With auto-tiering, it's easier to understand than most arrays, knowing that all of your writes go to the tier that you specify, with easy-to-create storage profiles.A valuable feature is the performance of the auto-tiering. It will move hot data up to your fastest Tier 1 or move your slow data down. Data progression is what it's called. With the auto-tiering you can have multiple tiers, you can have your Tier 1 be either spinning or flash, all the way down to 7.2K. It will change the RAID on the fly so your writes come in at RAID 10. After they sit for a while, they get converted to RAID 5, then they'll cool off and move down the tiers. Your performance is kept going, while the cold data is moved to your slow, non-performance tiers.With federation, you can have multiple systems across sites. You can treat them as one, and with a live migration, volumes don't go down. You can move them from site to site, doing maintenance, and keep your environment up.It's very scalable, especially with federation. If you outgrow the number of spindles that a unit can support, depending on the model, you can go into federation.The most valuable feature is the no-forklift upgrade. While the thing is running, I can change out the controllers one at a time and keep the customer up and running. I can add shelves and storage and SSD drives or spinning drives to the system, while it's running. I can bring all that in and rebalance the load across the new disks or, if we take disks away, rebalance the load across what's remaining, and it just works.There's some new stuff coming with 7.3, which just got released, where they're spreading the sparing across the whole array, rather than having a dedicated spare disk, and have it sit there and do nothing until one of them dies, and then it kicks in - and having to rebuild all of that. Now, they'll do the sparing across all the disks and they say that is going to add not only space but performance to the array, with 7.3.

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Inline compressionScale out is a differentiator for them, especially in the enterprise market. It's key for a lot of customers.The increased performance is many times above our previous array performance in all metrics. Integration with vSphere features is also a definite plus.The speed and, for us in particular in what we're doing, the data de-duplication.Logic/software managementBuilt-in snapshot support gives us SAN-side functionality most other platforms would have had us license separately.

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Licensing, especially on the storage line, could use some simplification. It's not terrible, but, for example, with the Isilon series, they've gone to completely a la carte. A la carte is very difficult to traverse, as to what you need. It would be more beneficial, at least from my point of view as a customer, if they did it more like car companies do, where there are package linesOne option I would like to see is, when you're up on the view-screen, to be able to incorporate getting to what HPE call the iLO, the Integrated Lights-Out. To be able to get that instead of having to go back and trying to find IP addresses and re-institute those would be good. It would be good to be able to that put on the initial splash screen.I would like to see higher compression, dedupe, faster I/O, and bigger drives.I would like to see an integrated key manager in the controllers. Currently, it's an external product. It would be nice to have the option of having a built-in key for self-encrypting drive features.We can definitely see a need for it being a multi-controller system for customers who want to scale beyond the current capability. That's always a downside. A lot of the new systems are scaling vertically, they scale out, and the Compellent, of course, is controllers with shelves under it, so you don't scale out with it, unless you add another one. But if you do, they don't talk to each other, like some of the other solutions that we sell.An issue we had was that the controller went down during an upgrade because of their upgrading the code. One side of the switch was down.In terms of additional features, I would like to see some kind of I/O meter, to indicate what we are using in terms of performance. I would like to see automation with that, where it would give me the trends. I want to know those things easily, to help me know where issues are going to occur.I would like to have 100% functionality through the web app.

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Improved scale and budget planning with flexibility of the solution for budget needs and efficiency for growth with the great optimization ratio due to the nature of our use.I would love to see capacity on its DRAM. I know it's not cost effective for them to do it, but I think that it could be a big differentiator and was a big differentiator from the beginning.The interface look and feel could be improved.The front panel of the drive shelf doesn't always seat firmly.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
We have found it to be affordable. Comparing the cost with other hardware, it seems to be right in line with the compute and the storage that we get with it.The scalability seems a bit more expensive than even buying a brand new one so far. That has been kind of a drawback.We were able to afford two tiers of flash storage at a price where the competition was giving us one tier or just a handful of discs.The maintenance is usually pretty good. It's not like some of the others where they increase it in the fourth, fifth, or sixth years.It's absolutely affordable. Again, not having to do a forklift upgrade like some of the others have had to do in the past, it's very affordable for our customers and they continue to buy.Compared to other solutions out there, it's affordable.It has a good price point and offers some value-added enterprise features.We have reviewed many platforms over the years. It is probably the best solution for its value.

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The Kaminario setup is simple and there are no hidden licensing fees so this area is a relief.The licensing is all-inclusive.The "extra" costs associated with features and options that are available off the shelf with Kaminario, make their value proposition extremely competitive.

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Dell EMC SC Series arrays provide a unified platform for the ultimate in performance, adaptability and machine-driven efficiency. SC Series software delivers modern features that help you meet aggressive workload demands using the fewest drives necessary. With an open, future-ready design, SC Series storage integrates seamlessly with applications and infrastructure, enabling you to scale on a single platform and add capabilities without forklift upgrades.

Kaminario K2 is the world’s only storage solution that delivers the predictability needed to handle the highly unpredictable world of modern businesses. This highly flexible all flash storage platform allows customers to cost-effectively scale capacity and performance to support their ever-changing business –seamlessly, on-demand and with no disruptions.

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Find out what your peers are saying about Dell EMC SC Series vs. Kaminario K2 and other solutions. Updated: January 2019.
318,001 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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