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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

"The most valuable feature of this solution is the speed.""Good default features.""VxBlock has good performance, so that is an advantage.""Integration with VMware and VMotion definitely brings a lot of value.""Virtual machines for the infrastructure.""It's a highly optimized piece of equipment that doesn't give us any problems."

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"The most valuable feature is ease of deployment. Once I deploy the chassis and I have the back-end storage, configuring more UCS servers is very quick. I can deploy a new UCS server within minutes.""I live by the Validated Designs. I do exactly what those designs say and I haven't had a problem as a result. For example, they used to do the FCoE. They figured out there was a problem and they went over to the NFS. I moved over and I agreed with them. It worked better.""Because we use it everywhere, it is standard to set up. Therefore, if you can manage the set up in one place, then you can manage the whole infrastructure.""The Cisco Validated Designs are the most valuable feature along with the Industry-leading technology, put together; and the fact that it just works.""One of the easiest solutions to implement, maintain, and scale.""Simplicity and integration with NetApp are its most valuable features.""We enjoy the standardization and having things consistent across the whole data center sphere.""It simplifies everything. It gives you a single place to go if you need support or if you need to expand."

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"This solution does not support Hyper-V, and we would like the new version to be supported and certified to work with Hyper-V.""The consistency of disc quality could be improved.""It's a good product but the price could be lowered. It's expensive.""Scalability is an area that needs to be improved.""Does not support different kinds of mixed applications.""The only thing that I can say is when you procure the VxBlock, obviously you have to complete detailed questionnaires about your architecture including the configuration, et cetera. If you make a mistake on the implementation, then you need to rebuild the entire VxBlock. That is just a point of consideration rather than a flaw. You need to be absolutely sure and validate the upfront configuration information that you provide because your VxBlock comes delivered and built, according to that exact information."

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"I would like to see them reduce the complexity, that would be my number one request because. Right now, doing simple things is pretty complex. You have so many options. It might be better if it were more wizard-driven, as opposed to going through five hundred dials. It's not very easy or intuitive.""I would like them to integrate the NVIDIA GRID into the system, so we could easily deploy certain solutions with the FlexPod.""The technical support is slightly above average. I would like them to have quicker escalation""I would like to see synchronous replication and easier automation in the next release.""They should have an easier user interface to get it up and running.""We would like to have a single pane of glass available for it. It is something that the management in the business would like to have.""One of the things that I've wanted would be availability of a health status, similar to Active IQ from my converged platform, on an app. I have dashboards so I can see the health of the system when I'm in the office, but when I'm not in the office I can't.""There were several different management consoles that we had to deal with: UCS, VMware, and separate ESXi installations. Maybe one interface council where we could manage everything from might be a little easier."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
"We purchased this solution with a ten-year manufacturer warranty, and we have a three-year warranty with our local partner."

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"The cost is a little high.""We purchased FlexPod though Datalink.""The scalability is very good. I wish it was a more cost-effective, but you get what you pay for.""It is expensive. My company is small. When you look at the price point, this is a big thing for us to invest in.""We have seen our data center rack space collapse about 90 percent. We have a data center which only has two racks now out of the 20 that were there previously.""We have reduced our manpower with the solution.""We have saved time and money for new service deployments. Without FlexPod, it probably takes about ten hours. With FlexPod, within two hours, we are up and running. So, we have seen about an 80 percent time decrease.""Coming from a rack and stack server model to FlexPod, it has saved us a lot of time (approximately hundreds to thousands of hours)."

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441,850 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Questions from the Community
Top Answer: Good default features.
Top Answer: For VxBlock, the consistency of disc quality could be improved.
Top Answer: We use the solution for database applications, using all the core features. We're a customer of VxBlock.
Top Answer: With FlexPod, it is about the synergy of the server, the storage, and the whole management layer. Together, it is really about minimizing staff. You don't have to hire more people. You can work with… more »
Top Answer: The NetApp portion was a $5 million investment five years ago. That has served the customer well over five and a half years. They are having to do another upgrade. But, if one could forecast as well… more »
Top Answer: There is always room for improvement. I believe we can do hot swaps on the fly. On the release upgrades, if there was a way to do a release on the fly, that would really be cool because it does take… more »
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Dell EMC

VxBlock and Vblock Systems simplify all aspects of IT and enable organizations to achieve better business outcomes faster. Seamlessly integrating enterprise-class compute, network, storage and virtualization technologies from industry leaders Cisco, Dell EMC, and VMware, VxBlock and Vblock Systems, powered by Intel Xeon processors, deliver the world's most advanced converged infrastructure: engineered, manufactured, managed, supported and sustained as one, allowing you to focus on your business.

The Dell EMC Converged Systems portfolio offer choice, flexibility, and reliability for accelerating IT transformation - VxBlock System offers additional levels of flexibility with a choice of network virtualization from VMware NSX or Cisco ACI.

The FlexPod platform, developed by NetApp and Cisco, is a flexible, converged infrastructure solution that delivers prevalidated storage, networking, and server technologies. It’s designed to increase IT responsiveness to business demands while reducing your overall cost of computing. Think maximum uptime, minimal risk

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Find out what your peers are saying about Dell EMC VxBlock System vs. FlexPod and other solutions. Updated: September 2020.
441,850 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Dell EMC VxBlock System is ranked 4th in Converged Infrastructure with 6 reviews while FlexPod is ranked 1st in Converged Infrastructure with 91 reviews. Dell EMC VxBlock System is rated 8.2, while FlexPod is rated 8.6. The top reviewer of Dell EMC VxBlock System writes "Highly optimized equipment that increases efficiencies and is very stable". On the other hand, the top reviewer of FlexPod writes "The agility reduces the number of hours that it takes to construct a physical or virtual data center". Dell EMC VxBlock System is most compared with Dell EMC Vscale Architecture, HPE ConvergedSystem, Dell EMC PowerOne, Oracle Private Cloud Appliance and Oracle SuperCluster, whereas FlexPod is most compared with Cisco HyperFlex HX-Series, Nutanix Acropolis AOS, VxRail, Dell PowerEdge VRTX and HPE ConvergedSystem. See our Dell EMC VxBlock System vs. FlexPod report.

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