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As of June 2019, Densify is ranked 2nd in Cloud Migration with 8 reviews vs Turbonomic which is ranked 1st in Cloud Migration with 91 reviews. The top reviewer of Densify writes "Provides Automatic Rebalancing, Analyzing Workload Of Every Virtual Machine, Helps Analyze My Infrastructure". The top reviewer of Turbonomic writes "I don't have to care for and feed each individual VM, nor make sure that the environment's balanced just the right way. The reporting could be better graphically". Densify is most compared with Turbonomic, VMware vRealize Operations (vROps) and CloudHealth. Turbonomic is most compared with VMware vRealize Operations (vROps), Densify and CloudHealth. See our Densify vs. Turbonomic report.
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The Densify Control Console, and Environment Status.The Control Console provides a very easy to read dashboard of "too little/just right/too much" resources both for current data and on a historical or predictive basis.The Control Console is an incredible way to give a quick view of current capacity utilization allowing technical people to drill down quickly and allowing business/management people to get a quick overview of the environment.I would say that the initial thing is that it provides us with a technological basis to expand capacity management beyond Excel.One would be the automatic rebalancing of the environment. That was one feature which helped. With that, we could improve our efficiency of our VMware infrastructure.The ability to increase server density inside of my environment, which has helped me drive reduction in costs.Densify's ability to aggregate multiple on-premise vCenters and multiple cloud accounts, gives it a level of visibility not found in many places.The tool will come back and tell us that we can operate with 1,000 minutes as an example, save 90% on the contractual rate and not run into any issues.

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The system automatically sizes and moves resources based on the needs of the applications.We have seen a 30% performance improvement overall.The biggest value I'm getting out of VMTurbo right now is the complete hands-off management of equalizing the usage in my data center.The most important feature to us is an objective measurement of VM headroom per cluster. In addition, the ability to check for the right-sizing of VMs.With over 2500 ESX VMs, including 1500+ XenDesktop VDI desktops, hosted over two datacentres and 80+ vSphere hosts, firefighting has become something of the past.We have VM placement in Automated mode and currently have all other metrics in Recommend mode.It became obvious to us that there was a lot more being offered in the product that we could leverage to ensure our VMware environment was running efficiently.The ability to monitor and automate both the right-sizing of VMs as well as to automate the vMotion of VMs across ESXi hosts.

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Normalization of CPU utilization is required. At present, the data is available based on entitlement level.Some parts of the interface are rather complex and require a bit of time to navigate, but this has never stopped us as a Densify advisor is readily available to help with our "how to" queries.It seems that the mechanism for integration is, it goes so far but I think there could be some standard integration to normal remedy service now etc. I think that should be out of the box.Initially we talked about some custom reporting, wherein our customer expected certain reports on a few areas, like how the storage is allocated, how the network performance is doing, and how the network utilization is happening for a virtual machine.A closer integration to the service management processes.Unfortunately the tools and mechanisms which really came to maturity in the cloud, and were not mainstream on-premise, are still not implemented.In terms of integration, the tool has great data. However, it's not always meaningful because the true business attributes of how most Fortune 500 companies operate are not maintaining in one tool, they're in a school of many tools.

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Enhanced executive reporting standard with the tool beyond the reports that can be created today. Something that can easily be used with upper management on a monthly or quarterly basis to show the impact to our environment.The one point is the reporting. We do have reports out of it, but they're not the level of graphical detail I would like.Remove the need for special in-house knowledge and development.Since the introduction of a HTML 5 based interface, our main - but minor - criticism of a less than intuitive operation managers' GUI would be the area of improvement.I like the detail I get in the old user interface and will miss some of that in the new interface when we perform our planned upgrade soon.The old interface was not the clearest UI in some areas, and could be quite intimidating when first using the tool.While the product is fairly intuitive and easy to use once you learn it, it can be quite daunting until you have undergone a bit of training.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
There was some sticker shock, as this is not just another software product to spit out graphs.Densify has licensing setup so you can collect data without licensing. It gives you the ability to collect on everything, then choose later what you would like to license.Cost is always involved, but then I feel that this solution is better than other products that we have.Setup cost is negligible, as it scales fairly well.

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Price is a big one. VMTurbo was very competitively priced.You should understand the cost of your physical servers and how much time and money you are spending year over year on expanding your virtual farm.What I can advise is to trial the product, taking advantage of the Turbonomic pre-sales implemention support and kickstart training.Licensing is per socket, so load up on the cores rather than a lot of lower core CPUs.We felt the pricing was very fair for the product. It is in no way prohibitive for larger deployments, unlike other similar product on the market.Contact the Turbonomic sales team, explain your needs and what you're looking to monitor. They will get a pre-sales SE on the phone and together work up a very accurate quote.

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Densify is a predictive analytics service that optimizes your hybrid cloud in real-time. It’s not magic, it’s science. Leading Service Providers and Global 5000 organizations leverage our service to operate with less infrastructure, less cloud costs, and at the same time, deliver better performing applications to the business.

Turbonomic continuously analyzes real-time workload demand and matches it to compute, storage and network resources in a virtualized, private or public cloud environment. The platform provides placement, sizing and provisioning actions across hosts, clusters, datastores, data centers and clouds to deliver the quality of service users define. These decisions can be automated or taken manually.

Turbonomic's autonomic platform enables virtual and cloud environments to become self-managing in real-time, thus assuring performance while maximizing the efficiency of the underlying infrastructure.

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Find out what your peers are saying about Densify vs. Turbonomic and other solutions. Updated: May 2019.
346,641 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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