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Find out what your peers are saying about SAS Data Management vs. erwin Data Intelligence (DI) for Data Governance and other solutions. Updated: March 2021.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

"The possibility to write automation scripts is the biggest benefit for us. We have several products with metadata and metadata mapping capabilities. The big difference when we were choosing this product was the ability to run automation scripts against metadata and metadata mappings. Right now, we have a very high level of automation based on these automation scripts, so it's really the core feature for us.""The biggest benefit with erwin DI is that I have a single source of truth that I can send anybody to. If anybody doesn't know the answer we can go back to it. Just having a central location of business rules is good.""The solution gives us data lineage which means we can see an impact if we make a change. The ability for us to have that in this company is brilliant because we used to have 49 data stewards from some 23 different groups within six major departments. Each one of those was a silo unto itself. The ability to have different glossaries — but all pointed to the same key terms, key concepts, or key attributes — has made life really simple.""They have just the most marvelous reports called mind maps, where whatever you are focused on sits in the middle. They have this wonderful graphic spiderweb that spreads out from there where you can see this thing mapped to other logical bits or physical bits and who's the steward of it. It's very cool and available to your business teams through a portal.""There is a wide range of widgets that enables the user to find the proper information quickly. The presentation of information is something very valuable.""erwin has tremendous capabilities to map right from the business technologies to the endpoint, such as physical entities and physical attributes, from a lineage standpoint.""We use the codeset mapping quite a bit to match value pairs to use within the conversion as well. Those value pair mappings come in quite handy and are utilized quite extensively. They then feed into the automation of the source data extraction, like the source data mapping of the source data extraction, the code development, forward engineering using the ODI connector for the forward automation.""The data management is, obviously, key in understanding where the data is and what the data is. And the governance can be done at multiple levels. You have the governance of the code sets versus the governance of the business terms and the definitions of those business terms. You have the governance of the business data models and how those business data models are driving the physical implementation of the actual databases. And, of course, you have the governance of the mapping to make sure that source-to-target mapping is done and is being shared across the company."

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"This is an established product with powerful data analysis and varied options for user entry points.""The solution is very stable. We haven't faced any issues with glitches or bugs. We haven't had any crashes.""If you compare it to SQL, the memory and development times are very quick.""The technical support is excellent.""In terms of which features I have found most valuable, I would say the importing and exporting features. Additionally, the data sorting, categorizing and summarizing features, especially how it can summarize based on categories. These are the key features.""The product offers very good flexibility."

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"The SDK behind this entire product needs improvement. The company really should focus more on this because we were finding some inconsistencies on the LDK level. Everything worked fine from the UI perspective, but when we started doing some deep automation scripts going through multiple API calls inside the tool, then only some pieces of it work or it would not return the exact data it was supposed to do.""The fact that I sometimes have to go in and out of different applications, even though it's all part of the whole erwin suite, perhaps means it could be architected a little bit better. I think they do have some ideas for improvements there.""There was a huge learning curve, and I'd been in software development for most of my career. The application itself, and how it runs menus and screens when you can modify and code, is complex. I have found that kind of cumbersome.""There are a lot of little things like moving between read screens and edit screens. Those little human interface type of programming pieces will need to mature a bit to make it easier to get to where you want to go to put the stuff in.""If we are talking about the business side of the product, maybe the Data Literacy could be made a bit simpler. You have to put your hands on it, so there is room for improvement.""Another area where it can improve is by having BB-Graph-type databases where relationship discovery and relationship identification are much easier.""One big improvement we would like to see would be the workflow integration of codeset mapping with the erwin source to target mapping. That's a bit clunky for us. The two often seem to be in conflict with one another. Codeset mappings that are used within the source to target mappings are difficult to manage because they get locked.""The metadata ingestion is very nice because of the ability to automate it. It would be nice to be able to do this ingestion, or set it up, from one place, instead of having to set it up separately for every data asset that is ingested."

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"Very little needs to improve but perhaps a nicer graphic interface and remaining competetive in the growing field of data analytics.""The pricing of the solution needs to be improved. They need to work to make it more affordable.""We find we often have to go back and re-train users when there are changes made to the solution because the changes are not intuitive.""With SAS Data Management, you have to purchase an external driver, configure all of the tables for all of the data that you will extract from Salesforce. It's not a straightforward process.""One problem is accessing the data using a solution other than SAS. The SAS data, which we create in the SAS, cannot be accessed by other tools. We can't open those data in other applications. So we need to have that application in place.""The solution could use better documentation."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
"The licensing cost is around $7,000 for user. This is an estimation.""There is an additional fee for the server maintenance.""The whole suite, not just the DI but the modeling software, the harvester, Mapping Manager — everything we have — is about $100,000 a year for our renewals. That works out to each module being something like $8,000 to $10,000.""erwin's pricing was cheaper than its competitors.""You buy a seat license for your portal. We have 100 seats for the portal, then you buy just the development licenses for the people who are going to put the data in.""erwin is cheaper than other solutions and this should appeal to other buyers. It has a good price tag.""The solution is aggressively priced."

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"While it is even free for personal use on the cloud, it can be expensive for desktop installations and enterprise use."

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474,038 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Questions from the Community
Top Answer: erwin has tremendous capabilities to map right from the business technologies to the endpoint, such as physical entities and physical attributes, from a lineage standpoint.
Top Answer: The solution is aggressively priced. We can compete with most of them. It is up to erwin and its pricing strategy, but if the Smart Connectors—at least a few of them which are really important—can be… more »
Top Answer: I would like to see a lot more AI infusion into all the various areas of the solution. Another area where it can improve is by having BB-Graph-type databases where relationship discovery and… more »
Top Answer: The product offers very good flexibility.
Top Answer: I know that the pricing is on the higher end, in fact that was one of the other challenges where people were not really going to buy the product locally because it's pricing is higher. The reason for… more »
Top Answer: The stability could be a bit better. It's lacking in this area right now. The solution could use better documentation. It would be nice if the solution offered better training and certification for… more »
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The erwin Data Intelligence Suite (erwin DI) combines data catalog and data literacy capabilities for greater awareness of and access to available data assets, guidance on their use, and guardrails to ensure data policies and best practices are followed. Automatically harvest, transform and feed metadata from a wide array of data sources, operational processes, business applications and data models into a central data catalog. Then make it accessible and understandable within context via role-based views. This complete metadata-driven approach to data governance facilitates greater IT and business collaboration.

Every decision, every business move, every successful customer interaction - they all come down to high-quality, well-integrated data. If you don't have it, you don't win. SAS Data Management is an industry-leading solution built on a data quality platform that helps you improve, integrate and govern your data.

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Find out what your peers are saying about SAS Data Management vs. erwin Data Intelligence (DI) for Data Governance and other solutions. Updated: March 2021.
474,038 professionals have used our research since 2012.

erwin Data Intelligence (DI) for Data Governance is ranked 3rd in Data Governance with 7 reviews while SAS Data Management is ranked 2nd in Data Governance with 6 reviews. erwin Data Intelligence (DI) for Data Governance is rated 8.6, while SAS Data Management is rated 8.6. The top reviewer of erwin Data Intelligence (DI) for Data Governance writes "Enabled us to centralize a tremendous amount of data into a common standard, and uniform reporting has decreased report requests". On the other hand, the top reviewer of SAS Data Management writes "One-stop-shop solution for sorting, categorizing and summarizing your data". erwin Data Intelligence (DI) for Data Governance is most compared with Informatica Axon, Alation Data Catalog, Collibra Governance and Collibra Lineage, whereas SAS Data Management is most compared with Informatica PowerCenter, Palantir Gotham, SAP Data Services, Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog and Mule Anypoint Platform. See our SAS Data Management vs. erwin Data Intelligence (DI) for Data Governance report.

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