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Find out what your peers are saying about Fortinet FortiGate Cloud vs. Fortinet FortiManager and other solutions. Updated: May 2020.
553,954 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

"The solution is very easy to use.""The sandboxing feature is very important.""The ability to manage everything from the cloud is going to be the most valuable by far with this solution.""I have found the SD-WAN, flexibility, and security the most valuable features.""The solution is quite stable. I haven't had issues with it crashing on me. I don't recall running into any bugs or glitches. It's very reliable so far.""The installation is very simple.""The functionality of the solution is excellent.""The most valuable feature of this solution is the stability, it's actually tailored for that."

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"The most valuable features are the centralized management of the firewalls.""For the whole security fabric from Fortinet, with a simple click you can see if some workstations or services are affected by an attack. You can really easily quarantine it, check the solution, and fix it.""There is something called zero-touch provisioning, where you can add a new device without any configuration. You just add it to FortiManager and then forget about it.""We look at the traffic to segment the network and it improves and increases the performance. When we have a mobile connection and local laptops are on the same network. We have seen a big performance upgrade.""Fortinet FortiManager allows a full view of all the devices on the network from one location.""A fully integrated solution.""The most valuable feature is the central configuration for firewall policies.""The product is a combination of management and monitoring from the same interface."

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"As with any IT vendor, there are software issues.""Things are moving increasingly towards hardware agnostic appliances, an area in which I would like Fortinet to be more focused and fast moving with that product line.""The solution should allow users to keep the data for longer than the current periods. I can't get any historic data after more than a month. I would like to be able to, after a year, look for trends from the past 12 months. It would make things much easier.""Everything related to the graphical user interface should be improved.""The solution could improve by having a Russian interface.""The command-line interface could definitely be improved in future iterations. It's lacking right now.""Currently with the solution, if you want to manage more than one FortiGate you have to use a VM, and a VM can control up to 10.""When it comes to technical support, the problem we have found is that if an issue comes, it takes a day to get everything resolved. It could be faster. They can be better at optimizing how they answer tickets in terms of response times. There must be ways to make the process more streamlined. It would make it easier for their clients."

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"We have experienced a series of minor bugs that necessitated contacted technical support on several occasions.""Can be difficult to configure.""Troubleshooting for Fortinet products is more difficult than competing products like Cisco and Palo Alto.""The solution could improve by having better integration with other solutions other than Fortinet.""The FortiManager is more complex and they can make it easier to use the VPN manager. All other features are okay. However, the VPN manager is more difficult and can cause some issues in the environment, if you do not have the experience to use it.""The GUI could be updated. It's not as good as it could be and is something the solution should improve in an upcoming release.""Setting up FortiManager can be complex because it involves changes from other devices and a lot of configuration.""We have some visibility issues with the reporting."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
"The price of the solution is high compare to competitors.""The pricing is mid-ranged, it's not very expensive but it's not the cheapest or most affordable in the market.""As with us, our customers need not pay for a license. One brings one's own.""The price is over $1,000 USD annually.""When comparing this solution to others it is less expensive and there is an annual license required.""The license does not include many of the features that are necessary, which means that you have to pay extra for them.""The pricing is competitive.""It is expensive."

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"Fortinet FortiManager is not expensive at all if you compare it with other vendors like Check Point and Cisco. Fortinet products are the least expensive on the market in the category of firewalls.""Fortinet is a high-end product and the cost is high. They should consider reducing the price, especially for existing customers.""The licensing costs depend on how many devices you want to use.""The license model they use depends on the size and is not limited to the users.""In comparison with other products, the price of FortiManager is reasonable."

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553,954 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Questions from the Community
Top Answer: The solution offers good network performance and efficiency.
Top Answer: We pay a one-off licensing fee and an installation license. It's all-inclusive.
Top Answer: We had a problem with external attacks in the previous solution we were using so I'd always like to see additional security around that problem.
Top Answer: It has multiple features in one box, which helps to avoid needing a lot of equipment. This is something that makes them unique.
Top Answer: Fortinet is a high-end product and the cost is high. They should consider reducing the price, especially for existing customers. If you want to add something or if you want to resubscribe, there… more »
Top Answer: We have some visibility issues with the reporting. As the reporting is not properly available, we have to use many tools to get a meaningful outcome of the reports. There should be training available… more »
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Average Words per Review
Also Known As
FortiCloud, FortiGate Cloud
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FortiCloud can help with your wireless and security challenges in a number of ways. Our solution addresses common IT difficulties including time-consuming provisioning, high investment costs, complex management, vulnerability to advanced threats, and the need to easily scale with growth.

Networks are constantly evolving due to threats, organizational growth, or new regulatory/business requirements. Traditional management products focus on mitigating company-wide threats through firewall policies, firmware updates, and keeping content security current. FortiManager offers the features to contain threats as well as providing flexibility to evolve along with your ever-changing network.

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Black Gold Regional Schools, Amadeus Hospitality, Jefferson County, Chunghwa Telecom, City of Boroondara, Dimension Data
Black Gold Regional Schools, Amadeus Hospitality, Jefferson County, Chunghwa Telecom, City of Boroondara, Dimension Data
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Find out what your peers are saying about Fortinet FortiGate Cloud vs. Fortinet FortiManager and other solutions. Updated: May 2020.
553,954 professionals have used our research since 2012.

Fortinet FortiGate Cloud is ranked 6th in Firewall Security Management with 18 reviews while Fortinet FortiManager is ranked 2nd in Network Management Applications with 15 reviews. Fortinet FortiGate Cloud is rated 8.2, while Fortinet FortiManager is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of Fortinet FortiGate Cloud writes "Available hardware and responsive service, but there should be a move towards hardware agnostic appliances". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Fortinet FortiManager writes "Powerful management for deploying configuration to multiple environments with a single click". Fortinet FortiGate Cloud is most compared with AWS Firewall Manager, Palo Alto Networks Panorama, Fortinet FortiPortal, Cisco DNA Center and HashiCorp Terraform, whereas Fortinet FortiManager is most compared with Fortinet FortiOS, SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager, Cisco DNA Center, Cisco Prime and Cisco Stealthwatch. See our Fortinet FortiGate Cloud vs. Fortinet FortiManager report.

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