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Find out what your peers are saying about Fortinet FortiManager vs. Micro Focus Network Node Manager and other solutions. Updated: March 2021.
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"The product is a combination of management and monitoring from the same interface.""It would normally take us a handful of days to install one FortiGate instance on one site. But with this technology, zero-touch deployment, we need just one hour or maybe as little as 30 minutes to install one site. It is much more efficient.""The user interface is very easy to navigate.""The most valuable features are the centralized management of the firewalls.""A fully integrated solution.""We look at the traffic to segment the network and it improves and increases the performance. When we have a mobile connection and local laptops are on the same network. We have seen a big performance upgrade.""Fortinet has the option of synchronization in the cloud, so you can manage everything if you have a cloud account.""For the whole security fabric from Fortinet, with a simple click you can see if some workstations or services are affected by an attack. You can really easily quarantine it, check the solution, and fix it."

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"Real time network monitoring application: It is very stable, which provides quick root cause analysis (RCA) for any network faults.""Most valuable function would have to the internal causal engine and its root cause analyzer which keep us updated on critical errors and incidents in our network environment.""You can utilize the main file from various vendors for integration.""If you install one node on Network Node Manager and want to scale it up, it's pretty easy to create more nodes.""It's quite a mature solution.""It is a scalable product.""We do not have any issues stability-wise."

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"The areas that need improvement are implemenation and support. In terms of implementation, it mainly needs clear documentation.""Troubleshooting for Fortinet products is more difficult than competing products like Cisco and Palo Alto.""Regional support in African countries needs to be improved.""It's a difficult process to transfer one interface from one virtual domain to another.""Can be difficult to configure.""Performance issues should be improved. We have problems when we have more mobile connections than local devices. Most of us have two to three devices.""The response times from technical support need to be a bit quicker.""Fortinet is releasing quite a lot of new versions and I would say that most of the versions are not well tested before they're pushed out. Even the new versions sometimes are a bit buggy before it's all correct."

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"Only to improve the GUI.""Reporting. Even though this is available in separate software (iSPI) there is potential in making the reporting more SLA-aware and more intuitive.""The resources utilized could be a bit higher, and that is one of the challenges that isn't optimized""The way the solution currently works means I'm not able to customize my own reports.""Right now, we have open tickets and they are not closing as expected.""We had some issues with some of the features, some modules are not meeting expectations.""When I open a ticket, usually they respond very late. Some of the people I negotiate with seem undertrained."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
"Fortinet FortiManager is not expensive at all if you compare it with other vendors like Check Point and Cisco. Fortinet products are the least expensive on the market in the category of firewalls.""The licensing costs depend on how many devices you want to use.""In comparison with other products, the price of FortiManager is reasonable.""Fortinet is a high-end product and the cost is high. They should consider reducing the price, especially for existing customers."

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"The solution is priced mid-range compared to the competition.""I wasn't involved in the pricing, but I think it's quite expensive."

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474,857 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Questions from the Community
Top Answer: It has multiple features in one box, which helps to avoid needing a lot of equipment. This is something that makes them unique.
Top Answer: Fortinet is a high-end product and the cost is high. They should consider reducing the price, especially for existing customers. If you want to add something or if you want to resubscribe, there… more »
Top Answer: We have some visibility issues with the reporting. As the reporting is not properly available, we have to use many tools to get a meaningful outcome of the reports. There should be training available… more »
Top Answer: We do not have any issues stability-wise.
Top Answer: I'm pretty satisfied with this tool. We have some specific devices that are not integrated very well, for example, Barracuda Firewalls. They have to improve this, but this is a specific situation.
Top Answer: We are using virtual servers. We have two servers, they are set in fail-over environments. One is active, one is waiting. I work for a very big enterprise. Any employee could technically access this… more »
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Networks are constantly evolving due to threats, organizational growth, or new regulatory/business requirements. Traditional management products focus on mitigating company-wide threats through firewall policies, firmware updates, and keeping content security current. FortiManager offers the features to contain threats as well as providing flexibility to evolve along with your ever-changing network.

Network Node Manager is network management software that unifies fault, availability, and performance monitoring to helps you improve network uptime and performance, and increase responsiveness to business needs.
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Find out what your peers are saying about Fortinet FortiManager vs. Micro Focus Network Node Manager and other solutions. Updated: March 2021.
474,857 professionals have used our research since 2012.

Fortinet FortiManager is ranked 2nd in Network Management Applications with 12 reviews while Micro Focus Network Node Manager is ranked 6th in Network Management Applications with 7 reviews. Fortinet FortiManager is rated 8.0, while Micro Focus Network Node Manager is rated 7.8. The top reviewer of Fortinet FortiManager writes "Powerful management for deploying configuration to multiple environments with a single click". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Micro Focus Network Node Manager writes "Has the ability to carry out customized polling for certain parameters, so that is an add-on to enable a customer to utilize it efficiently". Fortinet FortiManager is most compared with Fortinet FortiGate Cloud, SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager, Cisco DNA Center, Fortinet FortiOS and Cisco Stealthwatch, whereas Micro Focus Network Node Manager is most compared with SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager, IBM Tivoli NetCool, Infoblox NetMRI and DX Spectrum. See our Fortinet FortiManager vs. Micro Focus Network Node Manager report.

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