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Find out what your peers are saying about Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series vs. IBM FlashSystem and other solutions. Updated: July 2021.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

"The hybrid array provides scaleable, predictable, high performance with no capacity constraints.""The solution is very user-friendly in terms of maintenance and configuration. It's also possible to connect the solution to other storage management solutions.""The product has great data storage performance with a 100% data security and availability guarantee.""Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series is a very stable device.""It is robust. It doesn't need too much troubleshooting. It is a good device.""The active-active option seemed to be working well and overall, it was a solid product.""This is a good product with high capabilities and high reliability.""It's best features are its reliability and stability."

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"The performance of the All-Flash System is very good. There is more enhanced performance and data production in the solution, which I appreciate.""Stability-wise, this solution is fine.""The feature I find most valuable, is the deduplication, because the nature of the data that we are using in our current environment, has a lot of replicated data.""We are a 100% satisfied with the stability of the solution.""The most valuable features are deduplication and compression.""The ability to create LUNs and modify them are the most valuable features of this solution.""The most valuable features are deduplication and compression, which together, enable you to have more space.""Most of the features for the reduction in data compression are useful. It is also very easy to use and administer. Its performance is also good."

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"Hitachi Vantara has invested heavily in improving their management interface, however, they still have a way to go to catch up with many of their competitors.""The initial setup was difficult, as we don't have access to assistance. We had some issues around configuration. We needed to know things like what kind of rate is the best, or what kind of replication is ideal. We had to seek out answers online to get the information we needed.""The pricing is high, but the product is good. Additional features like data duplication might make it even better.""A better user interface would be an improvement.""The snapshot and clone operation functions can be made easier.""It seemed like every time we turned around it was a statement of work and we'd have to pay for something that our previous vendors would not have billed us for.""I would like to see an audit account set up such that the user can log in, see the configuration, and see the logs, but they cannot make any changes.""In terms of what could be improved, it could use a better, faster web console and other consoles. It is so boring waiting, waiting and waiting for it to refresh."

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"The solution is not easy to implement. It takes a lot of time to study the product and it's a little complicated in general.""This solution needs a management console where we are alerted to issues and can report them, or escalate them through email or another method.""I would like to see an improvement in the handling of large amounts of rights.""I think the only thing the developers can look at, is that it is limited to 25 gigabytes currently. In the next release they might want to increase that.""The ease of installation should be improved. We had issues with the configuration model.""Enterprise data storage needs improvement. They should create a feature for data and file storage.""The security features can be improved such that the encryption does not affect performance in any way.""They can include Amazon file system S3 protocol in the upcoming releases. It is a cloud file system. IBM FlashSystem doesn't have this feature in the box for high-end or mid-range. We have got requests for this from customers because we need to use S3 for EDI application storage. At the beginning of every year, IBM releases firmware. When I find any bugs in the firmware during the year, I am unable to find any information from IBM regarding the bug. I need to open a ticket, and the IBM engineering team makes a patch only for me. This patch is not public. By creating a customized patch for a client, they don't really solve the issue for everyone. If multiple users have the same bug, IBM should upload the patch on the official website so that we can download it. IBM FlashSystem has a monitoring tool in the box, but it is not advanced. I need a more advanced tool for more advanced equations and monitoring. All top three storage vendors, that is, EMC, IBM, and Pure Storage, don't have a powerful monitoring tool. To monitor our box to show the statistics for I/Os and latency, I need to pay for extra software. The built-in monitoring storage is not mature enough to handle all requests and generate all reports that I need. They can include the functionality to stretch a cluster natively without using any additional boxes. In addition, there are some features that EMC has integrated with the box. These features are not available in IBM FlashSystem."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
"Our main issue with the Hitachi G-Series is what we consider to be an archaic software licensing scheme and high maintenance costs.""It is a little expensive.""There are no licensing costs for this solution.""The costs were primarily in line with every other vendor at the time.""The cost price of this product is better than its competitors."

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"The integration is already included in the license cost of IBM FlashSystem. The integration is very easy. You get the IBM storage core with all software, firmware, and upgrades. EMC provides the features in the box, but they are not free for customers. There is a licensing cost for features. We have yearly licensing, but IBM has also provided a new option where you pay as you go. They provide a big box, and I pay, for example, for 10 terabytes. If I exceed 10 terabytes, IBM will charge for the new storage after 10 terabytes. It is a good opportunity in the market for using the storage as a cloud and paying as you go.""They've been much more aggressive in the last five, six years than they were before that.""This is an expensive product and if the price were reduced it would be better.""Among IBM, Dell EMC, and Pure Storage, IBM is the cheapest. The price is also based on our location, the size of our entity, and our regular annual purchases from them. We are a very big IBM customer, so we normally get very high discounts. We are not a big customer of Pure Storage. We don't buy that much from Pure Storage per year. Everything is included in the price. There is no extra license for different functions.""Its price is very good.""I find the pricing of the solution to be very reasonable.""You purchase it as a bundle and the price is comparable.""The solution requires a license and could be less expensive."

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521,817 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Top Answer: In terms of cost, in our country and with our money, it is an expensive solution, but it's valuable.
Top Answer: We moved away from this product because we were looking for an all-flash solution, and with our G1500 at the time, perhaps two years ago, they were just proposing more of the same technology. What we… more »
Top Answer: The most valuable features are flexibility and performance.
Top Answer: The solution requires a license and could be less expensive.
Top Answer: The Data Reduction Pools (DRP) support could be better.
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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1500
IBM Storwize
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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Gx00 Series delivers advanced, active flash tiering that analyzes data streams in real time and moves data from disk to flash to meet demanding performance SLAs with a cost-effective mix of flash and disk.

IBM FlashSystem products are enterprise computer data storage systems that store data on flash memory chips. Unlike storage systems that use standard solid-state drives, IBM FlashSystem products incorporate custom hardware based on technology from the 2012 acquisition of Texas Memory Systems. This hardware provides performance, reliability, and efficiency benefits versus competitive offerings.

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Find out what your peers are saying about Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series vs. IBM FlashSystem and other solutions. Updated: July 2021.
521,817 professionals have used our research since 2012.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series is ranked 4th in Modular SAN (Storage Area Network) with 9 reviews while IBM FlashSystem is ranked 2nd in Modular SAN (Storage Area Network) with 19 reviews. Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series is rated 9.0, while IBM FlashSystem is rated 8.2. The top reviewer of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series writes "Stable, the software offerings are solid, and the active-active option works well". On the other hand, the top reviewer of IBM FlashSystem writes "Simple licensing, good performance, and easy to use and administer". Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series is most compared with Dell EMC SC Series, HPE 3PAR StoreServ, IBM System Storage DS8000 Series, NetApp FAS Series and Huawei OceanStor V3 Storage System, whereas IBM FlashSystem is most compared with Pure Storage FlashArray, Dell EMC Unity XT, HPE Nimble Storage, Dell EMC PowerStore and HPE StorageWorks MSA. See our Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series vs. IBM FlashSystem report.

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