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IBM MaaS360 is ranked 6th in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) with 2 reviews while SOTI MobiControl is ranked 4th in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) with 14 reviews. IBM MaaS360 is rated 10.0, while SOTI MobiControl is rated 8.4. The top reviewer of IBM MaaS360 writes "Provides good security, but features for laptop management could be improved". On the other hand, the top reviewer of SOTI MobiControl writes "We can stand up devices remotely and resolve issues through video showing users' interactions with the device". IBM MaaS360 is most compared with Microsoft Intune, VMware AirWatch and SOTI MobiControl, whereas SOTI MobiControl is most compared with VMware AirWatch, Microsoft Intune and IBM MaaS360. See our IBM MaaS360 vs. SOTI MobiControl report.
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Mobile Device Management, Secure Productivity Suite, and document management are valuable features.​The graphic, friendly interface allowed us to start without almost any ​support from the manufacturer.​​​It can change policies based on geolocation or schedules.It helped us reduce the number of support incidents by limiting users' access to device configurations.It allows us to have an updated inventory of all the devices in real-time with the ability to add personalized information.

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It has a user-friendly menu that helps manage special purpose devices for security.One of the most valuable features is the ease of moving items from one configuration to another; it's a Windows-like setup. Also, the admin console is very easy to manage and to move through.Among the valuable features are managing configurations of all devices and being able to remote into devices... We send out configurations for each site that has its devices. Each site has a different configuration, and SOTI manages each configuration for each siteWe use the Lockdown Kiosk Mode feature on all of our devices. We use that so that the operators can't change any settings in the background, and so that the applications they run are immediately available to them. It's a good feature.It gives us the ability to manage our mobile fleets and push out updates quickly for all of our internal applications to keep the business running. We can push an app update out in minutes...The admin part, where I'm adding users, is not too bad. It's easy enough to use.The remote control technology and screen-sharing absolutely help us resolve issues faster. If there is a remote user who has difficulties or does not understand an error or a problem or a crash, the support team can remote control the phone and see right away what is on the screen and act on the problem. We can debug, we can help, we can reboot the phone.The Lockdown Kiosk Mode is very useful... When you have 9,000 people remotely using your applications, you want to make sure that they don't play with Facebook while they're supposed to be working... It also prevents installation of software that could be harmful or compromise the security of the phone.

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They should allow for the building of custom reports with graphics.It would be ideal to add support for the distribution of windows.exe applications.

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The quality of the support service is poor. The headquarters are not very responsive. And, the actual quality of the software has its drawbacks.For the most part, the application deployment works well. Occasionally, when moving a gun, we'll see that we have to manually intervene, when working with the setup.I would like them to improve the process of enrolling Android devices. It's much more difficult to enroll Android devices than it is Windows CE devices. There are a lot more steps required.Where they need improvement is not as much on the technical side but, rather, on their communication. In general, that has been poor. Account management and communication could be greatly improved...The main feature that we would like to have with Soti is the ability to push an iOS update without having people come to my office. That is the main reason why we went with Soti. And that feature is not working on my version.They could organize the software a little bit better, where you access things on the console. It seems like I have to click in three different places in order to get it to go to one area. I should be able to access pretty much any point of the server, whatever I need to touch, from a panel, without having to go click on a menu, then click on the profiles, then click over on Server and go back up to the top and click on the type of device that I have, just to get my applications to show.I wish I had the ability to select an app singly and install or refresh it, instead of having to go into the application controls and assign it to a group. I wish there was a spot that listed all my applications. I could go into a single one and refresh or update. It's not very easily accessible, per application.You need to get used to the admin console. I think it could be improved. It's not the best I've seen. Certainly, the software has a lot of features so you necessarily have some complexity in the interface, but I've seen better. They could make it easier in certain aspects.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
​It requires zero investment in infrastructure since it is 100% cloud.​

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SOTI's pricing seems to be competitive.It makes sense to have scanners on SOTI MobiControl, but it makes less sense to have printers because there are fewer features for them, while the price is the same for both.The pricing is reasonable and the licensing model is very reasonable when compared to some of the competitors in the market. I can speak directly regarding Intune, which is very expensive compared to SOTI.The solution that we were using costs less, but it didn't offer as much as Soti. It's comparable if you look at it over the five-year term.There are solutions that can be more aggressively priced, but they may not provide all that SOTI does. It's a matrix regarding what feature you use. You need to compare the features you use and what you are willing to pay for them... SOTI's pricing is okay. It's in the middle... They can provide more aggressive pricing once you start to have a lot of licenses.They've been pretty flexible with us, because we've changed the way we do our licensing a few times. We did a yearly, and then we went back and we did a quarterly, and I think we're back to yearly right now. We've been able to work stuff out and pricing has gone down since the onset. We've got a better rate per device and it's reasonable. The licensing cost from SOTI usually doesn't scare anybody, away once it's explained.Pricing is okay, but when you buy your renewal of licenses - at the end of the period or the year - if you have a lot of devices, obviously, it's going to increase. In the end, it's kind of expensive.I thought pricing was kind of high, but I believe that Soti is probably the best out there for this type of software, so there's not much I can do about that. The licensing is annual, per device.

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MaaS360 with Watson is the industry’s first and only cognitive unified endpoint management (UEM) platform, enabling a smarter approach for enterprises to manage and secure all endpoints plus their users, apps and content.

MaaS360 can be used to manage disparate endpoint types—including smartphones, tablets, laptops, ruggedized devices and the Internet of Things (IoT)—all from a single console.

SOTI MobiControl, our award-winning mobility management solution provides the ability to securely manage mobile devices and connected peripherals, applications, content, and email. With MobiControl's advanced security and management features, businesses have granular control of how mobile devices are used for business, and how data is accessed to ensure sensitive corporate information is kept in authorized hands only.

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Find out what your peers are saying about IBM MaaS360 vs. SOTI MobiControl and other solutions. Updated: January 2020.
397,408 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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