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The solution is very easy to work with.The most valuable feature is that it's a very strong integration platform but it is quite a monolithic solution. It's got everything.The most valuable feature is the stability. It's perfect in this way.The most valuable feature is the Queue Manager, which lies in the middle between our application and our core banking server.IBM MQ deals mainly with the queuing mechanism. It passes the data and it publishes it. These two abilities are the most valuable features.It also has a backup queue concept and topics, features that I have not seen anywhere else. I like these features very much.Secure, safe, and very fast.I like the architecture it provides seamlessly for assured delivery.

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The infrastructure monitoring features are the most valuable. The primary purpose of Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure is to automate the aspects of monitoring various infrastructure and applications. They will definitely automate an alert automatically, but a lot of such tools differ from each other on aspects of various low-level components that they can monitor.

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The solution isn't free. There are other solutions, like RabbitMQ, which are open source and absolutely free to use. It's one reason we are moving away from IBM.It's hard to put in a nutshell, but it's sort of developed as more of an on-premise solution. It hasn't moved much away from that.In the next release, I would like for there to be easier monitoring. The UI should be easier for non-technical users to set up appliances and servers.The memory management is very poor and it consumes too much memory.It is expensive. The cost is high. There should be more improvement in the new age of technologies.It could provide more monitoring tools and some improvement to the UI. I would also like to see more throughput in future versions.I wanted to upgrade Windows Server. It's not that easy to move.They have provided a Liberty Profile in the Web Console for administration, and that could be further enhanced. It is not fit for use by an enterprise. They have to get rid of their WebSphere process and develop a front-end on Node.js or the like.

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Sometimes Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure goes through an upgrade cycle of four years to get to the next version. Some of the utilities need to be definitely advanced as well so that migration to the latest version is even smoother and easier. That could probably be the only improvements that they can look at. I definitely think that their cloud version capabilities are still nascent. They need to evolve into offering similar capabilities to the cloud infrastructure as well. That is not specifically SaaS but any managed infrastructure that customers would subscribe to in AWS, Azure, and other public clouds. How to employ Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure and also to see if it can be subscribed as a service from Software AG would be the ideal next steps for this solution to evolve into.

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IBM MQ is expensive and they charge based on the CPU.It's a very expensive product.It would be a 10 out of 10 if it wasn't so expensive.It is a very expensive product compared to the open source products in the market.Most of our customers are quite happy with the solution but they have an issue with the cost. They want to move to cheaper solutions.IBM products, in general, have high licensing costs and support costs are too high.There is a different platform price between Windows, z/OS, and iSeries.Our costs haven't increased but they also have not improved.

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    IBM MQ provides the universal messaging backbone for service-oriented architecture (SOA) connectivity. It connects virtually any commercial IT system, whether on premise, in the cloud, or a mixture. For more than 20 years IBM has led the market in messaging middleware and more than 10,000 businesses across all geographies and industries rely on IBM MQ.

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Optimize for Infrastructure is a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) solution that gives you real-time insight into the performance of webMethods Integration Server and Universal Messaging—the servers they run on and the applications they’re hosting. You can:

  • Optimize performance with precise, up-to-the-minute infrastructure visibility.
  • Prevent costly business disruptions with proactive alerts highlighting potential system problems before they occur.
  • Reduce the “noise” and focus on the real issues via intelligent self-learning.
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IBM MQ is ranked 1st in Business Activity Monitoring with 28 reviews while Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure is ranked 10th in Business Activity Monitoring with 1 review. IBM MQ is rated 8.2, while Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of IBM MQ writes "We don't lose messages in transit and we can store messages and forward them when required". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure writes "Mature, stable, and powerful managed platform". IBM MQ is most compared with VMware RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, Apache Kafka, PubSub+ Event Broker and TIBCO Enterprise Message Service, whereas Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure is most compared with .

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