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Venkatraman Bhat
Find out what your peers are saying about IBM WebSphere Application Server vs. WebLogic Suite and other solutions. Updated: July 2020.
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The scalability of the product is quite good.We needed this type of integration and WebShepere is the best tool for it.This solution is easy to use with a GUI that is intuitive and very helpful.It has good stability of the application server in the long term compared to other solutions.The solution is robust. The connection management and the scalability, which IBM provides to the Stack, are also valuable.The most valuable feature of this solution is Portal Virtualization.High availability, alert management, and deployments are the most valuable features for us. We have the ND version so we can do deployments.

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Robust solution; console and enterprise management tools are really easy to work.This is a robust solution.The transaction handling of WebLogic and the way it is designed is excellent.WebLogic adds a lot of value to business and investments.It integrates well with other solutions.The most valuable feature is that it provides one place where you can control all of the services.The program is scalable.The solution is very scalable. It's easy to add processes even if you are new to the solution.

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The availability of the solution needs improvement.I think that this is a good product but I think that the cloud environment could be improved. I think that the future is in the utilization of the product in a product as a service way which is something that is lacking at this moment.Some things are very difficult to do, so the interface and usage could be more intuitive for those.It should be able to serve more concurrent requests like Oracle. Oracle has more powerful stability, availability, and real-time serving.They should make the solution more lightweight and not bundle everything into a single product.In the next release of this solution, I would like to see support for the Arabic language.The footprint could be reduced so that we can use a smaller virtual machine to run the application. We could also use more scripts. I would like this solution to be more script oriented, rather than GUI oriented.

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Lacking a solution for smaller applications.There are sometimes issues with clusters.Support could be better. The expertise when we have some Oracle WebLogic issues and challenges is not there. The issues are not being addressed in time. This really needs to be improved going forward.I would like to see the licensing policy simplified.Sometimes there are issues when we work on a VM because people use it to put all of their reports on it at the same time. Then I have to restart and rebuild the machine.The restart capability needs to be improved because it takes us 15 minutes to restart any application.I think the support could be much better.The solution needs to share more information in terms of training. There needs to be more documentation involved to help those who are completely new to the product.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
We pay around $200,000 annually.The price of this product is higher than that of competitors.I don't remember the price, but there are no additional costs.

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431,275 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Also Known As
WebSphere Application Server
IBM WebSphere Application Server provides a range of flexible, secure, Java EE 7 runtime environments available on premises or across any public, private or hybrid cloud.Oracle WebLogic Suite is an integrated solution for building onpremise cloud application infrastructures that span web server, application server and data grid technology tiers. It includes Oracle WebLogic Server, an application server for developing and deploying applications across conventional and cloud environments, Oracle Coherence Enterprise Edition, Oracle Web Tier, Oracle TopLink, Oracle Java Mission Control and Flight Recorder, and other component technologies.
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Find out what your peers are saying about IBM WebSphere Application Server vs. WebLogic Suite and other solutions. Updated: July 2020.
431,275 professionals have used our research since 2012.
IBM WebSphere Application Server is ranked 6th in Application Infrastructure with 7 reviews while WebLogic Suite is ranked 5th in Application Infrastructure with 10 reviews. IBM WebSphere Application Server is rated 7.8, while WebLogic Suite is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of IBM WebSphere Application Server writes "Valuable connection management and scalability but is quite expensive". On the other hand, the top reviewer of WebLogic Suite writes "Easy to deploy and maintain, and straightforward to use". IBM WebSphere Application Server is most compared with JBoss, Tomcat, IBM BPM, Oracle WebLogic Server and IIS, whereas WebLogic Suite is most compared with Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle WebCenter, NGINX Plus, Apache Web Server and Azul Zulu. See our IBM WebSphere Application Server vs. WebLogic Suite report. /' We've helped 431,275 professionals make an informed decision, / with our validated product reviews, independent rankings, and peer opinions. /.promo-video-link / = link_to('See how it works.', '#', id: 'gitb-video-pane-open', / data: { :'video-link' => '', :'video-width' => '640', :'video-height' => '360' }) /br

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