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JIRA Portfolio is ranked 3rd in Enterprise Agile Planning Tools with 10 reviews while Planview Enterprise One is ranked 1st in Project Portfolio Management with 30 reviews. JIRA Portfolio is rated 7.6, while Planview Enterprise One is rated 8.2. The top reviewer of JIRA Portfolio writes "Makes it easy to collaborate but needs better integration with other tools ". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Planview Enterprise One writes "Organizes work, provides visibility and accountability". JIRA Portfolio is most compared with Microsoft Project Server, Smartsheet, Planview PPM Pro, Broadcom Clarity PPM and Trello, whereas Planview Enterprise One is most compared with Planview PPM Pro, Broadcom Clarity PPM, Microsoft Project Server, Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and Planisware.
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The solution is very stable.The customized workflows we can define are very valuable. JIRA's private projects is very useful as well. There are also a lot of plugins that they provide.The integration is very good. We've more or less integrated with everything including reporting and registering.The product makes it easy to collaborate even though it can use some improvement in that area.The product's centralized database creates a single source of data for working groups so no data needs to be reconciled.The dashboard is the most valuable feature. The user experience is very good, it's easy to use.The developers can simplify tasks and each one of them can undertake a task and then they continue with development. Our processes are more efficient and easier for our manager and developers to track them. Their work is more organized.With JIRA, you can do amazing things by developing connectors, embedding features, and adding new fields to create new things.

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The most valuable feature of this solution is the completeness of the standard, underlying metamodel.We do a lot of big projects which are pretty expensive to structure the product development around and see the progress. Every time we start a project, we have to expense the spends for certain amounts. We need some baselines, like predictive versus actual.The most valuable feature for me is the ease and customizability of reporting.It gives us the vast ability to churn out-of-the-box reports and have an overview about approach rates and resource utilization.The most valuable feature of this solution is reporting.The integration stuff from tool to tool, like Projectplace to Planview, to manage projects is the most valuable feature. It keeps all our tasks up-to-date. It closely follows up with everything, which is really cool.The most valuable features are the resource management, the time sheet entry and usage, and the financial planning. With our projects, we primarily focus on resource assignments, as far as determining the actual forecast and actuals of our projects. A lot of it is based off of the resources utilized on those projects. The time based helps us capture the actuals. The amount of time people are spending on working on their project tasks. Because they've built this into the schedule, so we can build the forecast. With financial planning, we're able to look back on what our variance is and if there is anything between the scheduled forecasted hours, dollars against the actual hours, and the costs that they utilize.Our reporting is much better. There is much more visibility on projects, schedules, tasks, and in our milestones. Now, we have a consistent way of reporting out to the committees and getting all of our schedules and milestones.

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n the next version I would like to see better reporting and safer plugins, as well as easier scalability.I think their view needs to be more user friendly. The UI makes it difficult to find things. Secondly, the configuration is very complex. JIRA should help people find out what configuration they are using.The workflow needs improvement.Some key features like integration, big data warehousing and data modeling need work.The product could do with more flexible reporting.The initial setup could use improvement.I think that front-end development is a little bit buggy in some cases. Some of the features take a while to respond and some need to be more clear.This solution is not able to be integrated with other solutions because you have to upgrade it and pay for more licensing.

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Configuring the UI in the content management system is too elaborate and too time-consuming.The technical people are very competent, but there is so much turnover in the people that we talk to, and that's frustrating. They will say, "We can make this work." Suddenly, that guy has left, and we have no one. Then, we have to start all over.I would like to be able to integrate with Oracle to supplement what we're currently doing with reporting.The UI needs improvement. The UI should have more possibilities for users who are not specialized in using Planview. At the moment, it is more of a technical UI. I would like it to be an open user UI.Some of the out-of-the-box reporting is not immediately useful and although it can be configured or customized, there are still improvements that can be made.We had issues with the data rephrasing.I would like a bit more flexibility, as far as the configuration, and have additional capabilities to configure, making it more flexible for our use.Sometimes within the application, when you pull a report, it takes awhile performance-wise for the reports to pull up.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
The product is really not very expensive.The pricing continues to get higher.We only have nine people using it so we have a standard cost of $150 dollar per year. There are only additional costs if you exceed the limit of users, then you start paying by user. The cost is significantly higher.The pricing of the solution is expensive.This solution has a comparable pricing in comparison to other similar products on the market.

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Our licensing fees are approximately $50,000 USD annually.Our licensing costs are about a quarter of a million dollars per year.With the costs, they were very understanding. Knowing that we were an existing customer, they were very much willing to work with us to make sure that we were able to transition to Enterprise One from PPM Pro.We recently did a new bundle for all of Enterprise One. It includes some of the newer pieces, like Projectplace and LeanKit. It bundled our CTM in with it as well. I think the total came out to be about $900,000 a year. This is for unlimited licenses.In the time that I've used it, we've doubled up the amount of dollars on our intended projects.I think all in we are at $33,000 a year and that includes Projectplace and Planview. We used to have the integration to JIRA, but we don't pay for that anymore.Our licensing costs are probably $150,000 to $180,000 a year with 270 licenses total.I don't think we have necessarily purchased everything that I would have liked to have seen.

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Portfolio for JIRATroux

The agile portfolio management tool, built for JIRA.

With Portfolio for JIRA, you can plan and forecast a realistic roadmap, make data-informed decisions when the unexpected happens, and keep everyone in the know.

Planview Enterprise, Planview's performance management platform, combines project and portfolio management software with adaptive best practices. By integrating the business process management of strategies, services, and projects within a single, Web-based solution, Planview empowers organizations to achieve greater levels of control over their ever-changing environment by dynamically managing money, resources, and capacities.
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Find out what your peers are saying about Atlassian, Planview, Microsoft and others in Project Management Software. Updated: June 2020.
426,772 professionals have used our research since 2012.

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