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Melissa Data Quality is ranked 1st in Data Scrubbing Software with 32 reviews while WinPure Data Quality is ranked 13th in Data Scrubbing Software with 1 review. Melissa Data Quality is rated 8.4, while WinPure Data Quality is rated 9.0. The top reviewer of Melissa Data Quality writes "SSIS MatchUp Component is Amazing". On the other hand, the top reviewer of WinPure Data Quality writes "A solution that offers good performance, good stability, and a straightforward setup". Melissa Data Quality is most compared with Informatica Address Verification, Experian Data Quality and Talend Data Quality, whereas WinPure Data Quality is most compared with Melissa Data Quality.
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The high value in this tool is its relatively low cost, ease of use, tight integration with SSIS, superior performance (compared to competitors), and attribute-level advanced survivor-ship logic.We mainly communicate with our customers via email, so we primarily use it to find a phone number so we can contact them more efficiently. This allows us to talk to them and resolve their issues much more quickly.​Ability to keep our data set clean and usable for our community searches.​​​Allows us to delete and correct incorrect data to make the searching of our applicant tracking system more consistent and relevant.​​It saves a huge amount of time. Before using this service, we used a vendor that manually ran our lists through this NCOA list, which might have taken one to three business days to return the file. This was a huge bottleneck in our process, and the data returned was not always accurate. After switching to Melissa Data’s SmartMover, the process has been reduced to between ten minutes and three hours, depending on the amount of records sent.​It has a straightforward, easy setup.Gives us the ability to offer an additional resource that other companies do not.We are able to send out client mailings with the most accurate addresses possible.

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With regards to choosing flash versus traditional storage, it's just so much simpler to manage and users get so much better performance from flash.

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The tool needs to provide resizable forms/windows like all other SSIS windows. Vendor claims its an SSIS limitation however all SSIS components are resizable so that isn't true. This is just an annoyance but needless.We would appreciate it if there was a larger database so that we could find information more often. For example, we can search for 10 people and only find the information for three of them, if we are lucky.The custom software solution we still use in-house makes Excel a lot slower than usual.We have noticed that some of the emails and addresses return with confusing or incorrect codes, but for the most part, it is accurate.​The billing structure does not seem very accurate. We’ve had issues with miscounted batch records processedPricing is based on tiers, with each tier capped at a specified number of records processed. Once you go over the cap at one tier, you are automatically bumped to the next tier. However, they seem to count failed batch processes so it’s good to keep track of the number of records sent. They’ll fix the count when notified, but their system fails to detect actual successful processes versus failed processes.We encounter failed batch processes once in a while, but their team is quick to rectify issues.Needs to provide more phone numbers, even cell numbers (scrubbed numbers).

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The pricing model could use improvement.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
This vendor has no equal in pricing for equivalent functionality.Buy a lot more credits than you think you’re going to need.​You should have a good idea of the size of your data and the amount of cleansing you will be doing, so you will purchase the appropriate size bundle.​​It is affordable.Pricing is very reasonable, no licensing required.​We are concerned that our own pricing is going up every year for Melissa Data products, but we highly recommend the services for people who are routinely sending out mailings.Cloud version is very cheap. On-premise version is expensive.Trial subscriptions (via cloud) are very cheap and easy to use. It’s a great way to test Listware to see if you want to go deeper with integration.

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Data Quality Components for SSIS

This suite of data transformations for Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) delivers the full spectrum of data quality including data profiling, data verification, data enrichment and data matching. With an intuitive interface and drag/drop capabilities, this powerful toolkit makes it easy to unify data into a single version of the truth for Master Data Management (MDM) success.

Winpure Data Cleaning Matrix provides a method of applying a whole host of cleaning processes onto your data. Containing an array of tools to help clean, correct, standardize and transform your data the matrix is divided into 7 sections, each section focusing on a specific data cleaning operation. All settings can then be stored and used on other similar data sets thus saving a lot of time.
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