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NETSCOUT nGeniusONE is ranked 4th in Network Monitoring Software with 30 reviews while Observer GigaStor is ranked 30th in Network Monitoring Software with 2 reviews. NETSCOUT nGeniusONE is rated 8.2, while Observer GigaStor is rated 9.0. The top reviewer of NETSCOUT nGeniusONE writes "Cuts down on troubleshooting time and response time to actual issues within our network". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Observer GigaStor writes "Helps to write protocols for IP addresses that come in or out of your network". NETSCOUT nGeniusONE is most compared with Gigamon, SolarWinds NPM, Dynatrace, Cisco Stealthwatch and ExtraHop Performance Platform, whereas Observer GigaStor is most compared with Gigamon, Wireshark, Ixia Network Packet Brokers, APCON and Cisco Stealthwatch. See our NETSCOUT nGeniusONE vs. Observer GigaStor report.
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The ability of the dashboards is useful for discover, mapping and understanding of application behaviour.It is the ability to collect data and analyze it, especially key performance indicators. This is before a customer would call to the service center to complain that they have had bad coverage or a dropped call.With the Vprobes, we quickly identified issues on the application servers, which we normally couldn't, where it usually would be a full circle round between our NOC and server people.Network faults are easily and quickly identified through dashboards and drill down.It has versatility to correlate different traffic types and performance management statistics.The most valuable feature is visibility.The visual and graphical interfaces in the display that it provides for us to show our senior leadership. We can show them what is actually happening, instead of a spreadsheet.We build application dashboards and performance indexes for locations.

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This solution allows us to see exactly what is going on in the network and we can very quickly solve issues with users.It can help to write your rules, organize firewalls, your block, and also your protocols and IP address to come in or out of your network.

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The initial deployment is tedious and requires a lot of build, deployment and configuration time. Experience is key to a successful deployment.While it is good, the single pane of glass view is too high level. It is better for management or someone doing sanity checks. A lot of times, I need to go deeper into the additional screens to get what I want out of it.I would like more in-depth convergence between all the applications, especially when I look for information through a data mine.The current solution is not easy to scale, because it is an appliance-based solution. So, you have to swap everything out.We would like more encryption of customer data, because we have a very security conscious company. We have a lot of regulation coming in which requires us to make customer data private.We would like better end-to-end data flows. This is something that my users always complain about, as they don't know what the data flows are on the network. We would like to know every point along the line.Some help screens would be nice, especially if we bring on new operators. It would be great to see if they have more helpful tips available.The dependency mapping is good, but I am hopeful that they will build some type of partnership and relationship with ServiceNow. I want to see NETSCOUT partner with ServiceNow so they can leverage Service Now Discovery and Service Mapping to automate the build of the service dependency mappings inside of nGeniusONE.

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I would like to have more than 4TB of storage available in the portable version of this solution.Graphics need improvement. Because a lot of the information there you have to input first in some case to have full potential. It could be more automated.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
It is very expensive, but it's well worth the money.The scalability becomes very expensive quickly.The license becomes cost prohibitive very quickly.It is a little overall pricey and expensive, but you get what you pay for.It can be expensive, but if you have a good configuration, based on what you are looking for, it's okay, it's manageable.The biggest problem we have with this product is the expense.Cost is probably the biggest drawback. Compared to some of the newer vendors that have popped up in the space, it's definitely more on the expensive side... [But] it's been able to keep its value, even in the face of the cheaper competition.Their pricing is very competitive with other solutions... But what I like about NETSCOUT's licensing is that it's shared across all their platforms. They don't create a new licensing scheme for every one of their products. So for nGeniusONE, you buy a certain license level, and it works on all of their products.

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It depends on the requirements you have. There are three types of license. There's the updates license, the work group license, and the workstation license.

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425,604 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Also Known As
NETSCOUT nGenius, nGeniusONE
Viavi Solutions
The nGenius Real-Time Monitor software provides you with tools to monitor and display information about your network both historically and in real time. The nGenius Real-Time Monitor software allows you to understand your current network usage and to plan for future needs. It also allows you to proactively troubleshoot problem areas in your network.

Observer GigaStor is a network analysis tool that comes in a variety of form factors, including rack mount, portable, and virtual. Capable of storing up to a petabyte of traffic for later analysis, GigaStor helps ensure optimal network and application performance.

Proactively manage your network traffic

Find out how nGeniusONE can help you to gain greater visibility into your network and keep things running as they should. Contact NETSCOUT to get more information.

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Cerner CorporationCisco Systems, Hawaiian Telecom, Renown Health, State of Nevada, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, Allstate Insurance, Jack Henry & Associates, United States Airforce, US Bank, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Chicago Board Options Exchange
Top Industries
Comms Service Provider39%
Financial Services Firm22%
Aerospace/Defense Firm4%
Software R&D Company31%
Comms Service Provider17%
Financial Services Firm5%
Comms Service Provider20%
Software R&D Company16%
Manufacturing Company13%
Find out what your peers are saying about NETSCOUT nGeniusONE vs. Observer GigaStor and other solutions. Updated: July 2020.
425,604 professionals have used our research since 2012.

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