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Nimble Storage is ranked 5th in All-Flash Storage Arrays with 30 reviews while Pure Storage FlashArray which is ranked 3rd in All-Flash Storage Arrays with 86 reviews. Nimble Storage is rated 9.2, while Pure Storage FlashArray is rated 9.2. The top reviewer of Nimble Storage writes "A reliable product that has been 100 percent up". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Pure Storage FlashArray writes "The data reduction technology part of the scalability has been impressive, like its ability to host additional workloads, volumes of data, and databases". Nimble Storage is most compared with Dell EMC Unity, HPE 3PAR Flash Storage and Pure Storage FlashArray, whereas Pure Storage FlashArray is most compared with Dell EMC Unity, NetApp AFF (All Flash FAS) and Nimble Storage. See our Nimble Storage vs. Pure Storage FlashArray report.
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Find out what your peers are saying about Nimble Storage vs. Pure Storage FlashArray and other solutions. Updated: July 2019.
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The all-flash positions our organization for growth. It is much easier to use, and we do not have to worry about the I/O profile of the workloads that we putting on the array.InfoSight has helped us resolved an issue where the snapshots were growing too big.InfoSight has identified controller failures or performance issues.We use InfoSight predictive analytics. It helps us from a performance perspective by identifying potential bottlenecks.InfoSight - analytics sight that collects data for all Nimble arrays deployedWe like the performance.InfoSight has allowed us to centralize our management, understanding how it correlates to the array. It has identified a network issue in the network configuration of ESXi hosts. It enables us to get servers back up faster by 25 percent.We have seen our average latency go from four milliseconds to point four. Therefore, we are getting 10 times better performance down to the end user on everything. We have seen an increase in our IOPS by ten times.

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It is pretty much just plug and play. There is not that much to do with it. It is very easy to use.The back-end data reporting for Pure Storage is phenomenal. The data that you can see on the performance of your customers' array, so you can be proactive about upgrades or enhancements, and is a phenomenal tool to have access to as a partner. I haven't seen this type of stuff out of anything of the other storage systems.The predictive performance analytics is a very good feature, as our system is performing better than before.The stability and performance are the best things about the solution.Because of the encryption, we have different storage and the encryption can go over both.The predictive performance analytics are good.It's reduced our overhead management time on storage, since it is so simple to get in and just provision a volume, present it to the host, and then you are done.The solution has probably reduced my power use substantially.

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The way the market is going, supporting NVMe storage would be useful as a step up.I don't think it is officially released yet, but the main reason that we chose Nimble is because of the sync rep feature. So, I would like to see that further evolve. This feature will be essential for our setups.We have had some stability issues with one array which has happened twice during subsequent software updates but is due to a bad Postgres database.I would like to see more integrations.I would like to have integration into cloud providers, apart from HPE.I want to see the full integration with OneView. I know they have started it, but I haven't had a chance to look at and evaluate it.I wish they would put the InfoSight page back the way it was. I got in it for the first time about two years ago, and it looked the same for about a year and a half. Then, about six months ago, it changed. There are different options now. I can still get to where I need to go, but it feels like it takes longer, where before it didn't. Also, I felt like I had a lot more options before. I have to do a lot more to digging now to get to where I need to go. I just wish they had their old page back.I would like deduplication by default on all the volumes. I still don't understand (or know why) dedupe isn't enabled for the templates out-of-the-box. We have to go in and manually enable it each and every time.

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I would like the ability to swap out the network adapters into it. So, without taking out the whole controller, I would like to be able to swap adapters. This would make things easier.The setup needs to be improved the most. They can do a little more with the user interface, but the setup is what I would like to see made a bit easier.There are a lot of things to improve.It goes at about 95 percent, so we have had some performance issues. It is hard to clear them.We did have one hiccup with the integration of vCenter. When we were installing Pure Storage, we were using vCenter 6.7, which defaults to the HTML5 Web Client. The current plugin for Pure Storage doesn't show up in that client at all. You have to go and use the legacy FlexFlash client to see the Pure Storage plugin in vCenter.We have not seen a reduction in our TCO nor have we seen ROI.We haven't seen ROI yet.I would like to see some improvements on the FlashBlade side around the CIFS space support. I am not super familiar with all the different NAS protocols that they run on their box, but there could be some improvements made on SMB CIFS side.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
We buy the arrays outright, so we don't pay anything on an ongoing monthly basis for licensing.Our hybrid solution could do with some more competitive pricing and more scaled-down deployments. Already, the smallest one is too much for us. We would flourish by having a smaller unit.If you don't go cheap, it is eventually worth it. However, the initial investment is high.It is a CAPEX investment. Over the anticipated lifespan, I would say the pricing is $10,000 a month.The price has room for improvement.Performance per dollar, when we looked at it, was the highest that we could get for what we needed.We have seen tremendous ROI. It pays for itself 10 times over in the matter of four years.We are paying for the licensing yearly.

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I have had a couple of customers who have complained about the cost. It can be a little more expensive than some of the other platforms. After it has been installed, I have never had a customer say, "I wish we wouldn't have spent all that extra money." They have always been happy with the product after it has been installed. They might be on the fence about it because of the price, but everybody who I have ever seen install it, they are always happy with it.We evaluated Oracle and Hitachi, but Pure Storage had the better pricing.The cost has room for improvement.Our Evergreen Storage subscription is supposed to be good when we go to upgrade.The cost has room for improvement.The Evergreen Storage subscription is a really cool concept. As long as we maintain our subscription, we will get new controllers every three years and really never have a forklift upgrade like we currently are doing. Just that future-proofing is an ease off of my mind to know that I won't have to do what I'm dong right now again.We have an Evergreen Storage subscription, which I think is a great feature.The licensing is $100,000.

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Our Predictive Flash platform closes the app-data gap, giving you the fastest, most reliable access to data. By combining predictive analytics with flash storage, we radically simplify operations. 
Once you’ve experienced our simplicity, you’ll never go back to traditional infrastructure again. Over 9,000 customers rely on Nimble to power their businesses, both on-premise and in the cloud.

Pure Storage FlashArray is the world’s first enterprise-class, all-NVMe flash storage array. It represents a new class of storage – shared accelerated storage, that delivers major breakthroughs in performance, simplicity, and consolidation. Pure Storage is fresh and modern today and will be for the next decade. Without forklift upgrades or planned downtime, Pure takes the work out of storage ownership and delivers unprecedented customer satisfaction.

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Find out what your peers are saying about Nimble Storage vs. Pure Storage FlashArray and other solutions. Updated: July 2019.
353,345 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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