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The most valuable aspect of the product is that it is Microsoft-based and it supports all Microsoft technology.The most valuable feature is the automatic provisioning and reconciliation of things like the Active Directory groups and memberships.

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The most valuable features include the automated attestations or recertification... The time that people have to focus on their real jobs and not spend it doing recertifications is huge.The short version is that we gained significant insight into the issues of access governance. This allowed us to turn an auditing nightmare into praise from our auditors.It gives the best user experience, enabling us an overview of all user entitlements.This solution is better on the IT personnel, because now they spend less (or almost no time) managing user rights.The most valuable feature for me is the built-in security, which is the best that I have seen.The connection with multiple systems is what makes it flexible. We can create the accounts flexibly, enabling access to other systems. In addition to Active Directory, it can extend to SAP, to Salesforce, to Office 365, etc.Nobody has to put people in AD groups by hand anymore. It goes automatically and that's very good. It's also very flexible. It's quite easy to customize and we have customized it a lot.For me, personally, the automation is the most valuable feature. I don't have to do things manually, like creating user accounts and provisioning them to the target systems.

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The solution is stable and reliable.The solution is very good at the management of the identity lifecycle.The community is very active and when I had questions about an issue, I was able to find the resources.The compliance features are the most valuable features.We like the integration with other systems.

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When the re-certification process is launched that makes Omada very slow. There are performance issues in the current version.The user interface should have a more flexible design, where you can change it to your requirement.

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[Regarding] their upgrades, we're going to 8.12 right now and everything is running very smoothly but this is actually the first upgrade that has gone off well. Even the other "dots" have taken us six months or longer to get through QA testing.The support team could be improved on. The first level of support essentially looks up knowledge base articles and often can't provide the answer needed.The initial setup was complex. We have a lot of different systems. The journey from implementing to joining all the systems was difficult.The performance could use improvement. Sometimes synchronizations take too long.A feature that I would like to see is a mobile app that provides users the ability to make changes or add users to the Active Directory, on the fly.More integration with SAP and with the internet of things would be good. We also have system devices that we could manage as identities, so that would be a feature to add.One of the things we would like is the ability to have more than one system role manager. That would be nice. For example, when people are on vacation, sometimes it gets a little hard to administrate system roles.The system role manager, or some of the roles that are inside Identity Manager, are limited to one user. It would be more flexible if these responsibility roles could be attached to many people.

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The connectors are far too manual. This needs to be automated a bit.Compared to at least one other product some of the administrative tasks could be easier or more intuitive.The interface should be simple and easier to use.They should lower the price and technical support should be better.I would like to see more Cloud management from this product.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
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From a cost perspective, One Identity has the biggest bang for the buck.There is a one-time licensing cost, and there is also a yearly subscription fee.It's costlier that some other products, and there is nothing that fits every solution.We are using a self-built solution. It would cost too much to get that up to the standard of what we need. In the long-term, it is cheaper to buy a solution that has what we need. Though, we are still running the previous solution, as we are still in the implementation phase.It needs flexibility in the licensing or packaging, because you buy the entire package at once, and sometimes the customers are a bit overwhelmed with whatever they get. I would like if they could cut the licensing or packaging into somewhat smaller things.It has helped to reduce customer costs.We are paying for premium support, which is expensive. However, we do receive very good, fast support.It helps us save on licenses for applications because we are following the account lifecycle, as well as account reactivation.

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You do pay one price for the license but that price depends on what you choose to include as far as the optional modules go.The licensing fees are on a yearly basis.

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Questions from the Community
Top Answer: The most valuable aspect of the product is that it is Microsoft-based and it supports all Microsoft technology.
Top Answer: Licenses are only for installations and support problems. They are definitely additional costs.
Top Answer: In terms of improvement, there are not so many out of the box connectors available in the current version. So what they have improved in the latest version is more out of the box connectors for… more »
Top Answer: The short version is that we gained significant insight into the issues of access governance. This allowed us to turn an auditing nightmare into praise from our auditors.
Top Answer: One Identity genuinely provides one of the lowest costs for the initial setup of any product while still being a robust suite of tools. Price was a major driving factor in or choice to use One… more »
Top Answer: My largest issue with the product is the ability to customize the web portal. There is a tool that allows this to happen but it is difficult to use (except for minor changes like Logo or color scheme… more »
Top Answer: SailPoint focuses on Governance and CA is more provisioning tool. That is the biggest difference between SailPoint and CA.
Top Answer: The community is very active and when I had questions about an issue, I was able to find the resources.
Top Answer: This solution is difficult to configure. The interface should be simple and easier to use.
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Omada Identity SuiteQuest One Identity Manager, Dell One Identity ManagerIdentityIQ
One Identity

Omada Identity Suite Core identity management and access governance functionality in one integrated solution. High-Level Identity Management and Access Governance Functionality Omada's Identity Suite delivers a fully featured process framework for core identity management and access governance functionalities, that improves IT security, ensures compliance control, and enables business efficiency.

One Identity Manager helps you mitigate risk, secure data, meet uptime requirements and satisfy compliance by giving your users access to data and applications they need and nothing more. IAM can be driven by business needs, not IT capabilities. With Identity Manager, you can manage user identities, privileges and security across the enterprise, putting you in control of identity management and taking the burden off your IT staff.

Identity and access management software that includes compliance and password management, analytics, and user provisioning.
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Find out what your peers are saying about One Identity Manager vs. SailPoint IdentityIQ and other solutions. Updated: September 2020.
437,827 professionals have used our research since 2012.
One Identity Manager is ranked 1st in User Provisioning Software with 32 reviews while SailPoint IdentityIQ is ranked 2nd in User Provisioning Software with 5 reviews. One Identity Manager is rated 8.0, while SailPoint IdentityIQ is rated 7.6. The top reviewer of One Identity Manager writes "Enables us to automate SOX recertification, saving a significant amount of time". On the other hand, the top reviewer of SailPoint IdentityIQ writes "ROI has been outstanding and our user onboarding time has been significantly decreased". One Identity Manager is most compared with Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine), CyberArk PAS, One Identity Active Roles, Oracle Identity Governance and ARCON Privileged Access Management, whereas SailPoint IdentityIQ is most compared with Symantec Identity Governance and Administration, CyberArk PAS, Microsoft Identity Manager, Oracle Identity Governance and IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence. See our One Identity Manager vs. SailPoint IdentityIQ report.

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