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Palo Alto Networks Panorama is ranked 6th in Firewall Security Management with 9 reviews while Tufin is ranked 2nd in Firewall Security Management with 75 reviews. Palo Alto Networks Panorama is rated 8.6, while Tufin is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of Palo Alto Networks Panorama writes "Offers a lot of advanced functionality that is easy to deploy and the GUI is easy to use ". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Tufin writes "SecureChange feature enables firewall rule automation, but Security Groups are pricey". Palo Alto Networks Panorama is most compared with FireMon, AlgoSec and Tufin, whereas Tufin is most compared with AlgoSec, FireMon and Skybox Security Suite. See our Palo Alto Networks Panorama vs. Tufin report.
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The solution is absolutely stable.The interface is very easy to use. You can do most jobs from one single console.The most valuable feature is WildFire.What I like most about this solution is that it allows me to push multiple policies on multiple followers at the same time.Using this solution means that you can store logs for longer periods, up to perhaps two years, depending on your attached storage.The dashboards are very good on Palo Alto. They offer a centralized dashboard for managers as well.It's helpful that the solution allows us to control all the firewalls from one device.It has made our ROIs easier, but consolidating the correlation of data into one single point, which is pretty great.

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The filtering of lots of criteria is very valuable.The Automatic Policy Generator saves time because we are able to identify the required policy when a client doesn't know what he needs.The automated reporting on a regular basis is helping us to be compliant with legal requirements.Tufin assists us in maintaining a robust view of our internal network topology.This solution has helped us to meet our compliance mandates. We implemented the Unified Security Policy (USP). This helped enforce what compliance requirements that we had. We have mitigated and remediated issues that have been brought forth due to that USP showing us issues.It's hard to pick the most valuable feature. All of them are valuable, they're all critical for us... ChangeTrack obviously has a lot of very good features, like the risk analysis, the USP, and the Policy Browser.The Topology Map, which feeds into our SecureChange - the latter being an automation platform - there's a lot of synergy between the two.In our current environment, the most valuable feature from Tufin is their Network Map.

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I would like more dashboard management.The general customer feedback is when saving the configuration, it takes a long time. That needs to be fixed. The troubleshooting, the debugging part is also a little bit of a pain. It's not user-friendly on the interface to do our debugging when comparing it with other firewalls, like Forcepoint.There is room for improvement in the integration within endpoint detection. They need to do some integration between endpoints and the firewalls.Customer support can improve.The dual WAN functionality is missing in this solution.Panorama needs to work on its configuration issues.It can take a few minutes to test to see if any changes are successful or not. This needs to be improved. A commit change should take a second, not a minute or more.We had some challenges with the initial setup, but it was more on a learning curve basis.

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I would like to see more configuration options on next-generation firewalls, defining possible standards for devices.I would like to see better report integration in this solution.I would like to see the setup of the Unified Security Policy simplified.The product should integrate with the UTM features.The metrics need improvement. They need more consistency or understanding of automation, along lines of customization of automation.Tufin has come a long way when it comes to visibility. What we would like to see is a little bit more on the discovery level, network discovery, which Tufin does not have today.More API integration with third-party platforms is something that we would definitely like to see in upcoming releases.The biggest area where I see a need for improvement is some of the documentation and training stuff. It does a really good job of hitting the big concepts, but it needs like another layer deeper of actually getting into some of the details of how to do some of the things. Conceptually, I understand how the product works, but now how do I start building stuff and integrating it into my environment.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
You only pay for the license and there are no additional costs.Initially, Palo Alto looks expensive, but if you dig deeper then you will find that it is very comparable, or even cheaper than other solutions.It has freed up staff time, which is where we are seeing ROI.With the URL filtering, we probably went down from around four hours in response time to about five minutes.The licensing is not cheap. There are always hidden costs. You have support costs, or maybe you need to buy more optics on how the solution fits into the rest of your environment. It is possible some of the rest of your environment will need to change too.

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I suggest talking with Tufin about the flexibility of the pricing structure.The licensing costs are a significant amount of money.I'm saving 20 man-hours a week, so I am seeing some ROI.The cost is pretty high. It's close to seven figures.For us it's around $40,000 or so.Licensing is on a customer by customer basis.The seller of Tufin, when I wanted the solution, was very flexible because the cost on the lease was very high in Latin America. So, he was able to reduce the cost.Our licensing costs are three million total and then we pay for maintenance, which is an additional cost for three years.

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Palo Alto Networks

Panorama network security management provides static rules and dynamic security updates in an ever-changing threat landscape. Reduce administrator workload and improve your overall security posture with a single rule base for firewall, threat prevention, URL filtering, application awareness, user identification, file blocking and data filtering.

Tufin Orchestration Suite is a comprehensive solution for network security management providing visibility, change tracking, analysis and auditing for firewall policies, network devices and cloud platforms. It also provides automatic application connectivity and firewall change management. It assures a tight security posture and regulatory compliance across all enterprise platforms.

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Find out what your peers are saying about Palo Alto Networks Panorama vs. Tufin and other solutions. Updated: September 2019.
370,655 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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