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PortSwigger Burp is ranked 5th in Application Security Testing (AST) with 9 reviews while Rapid7 InsightAppSec is ranked 15th in Application Security Testing (AST) with 1 review. PortSwigger Burp is rated 8.6, while Rapid7 InsightAppSec is rated 9.0. The top reviewer of PortSwigger Burp writes "Great design, excellent features like Intruder , Repeater with plenty of plug-ins from community support ". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Rapid7 InsightAppSec writes "It integrates well with the rest of my systems". PortSwigger Burp is most compared with OWASP Zap, WebInspect and HCL AppScan, whereas Rapid7 InsightAppSec is most compared with Rapid7 AppSpider, Veracode and OWASP Zap.
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BurpSuite helps us to identify and fix silly mistakes that are sometimes introduced by our developers in their coding.The way they do the research and they keep their profile up to date is great. They identify vulnerabilities and update them immediately.The Spider is the most useful feature. It helps to analyze the entire web application, and it finds all the passes and offers an automated identification of security issues.Once I capture the proxy, I'm able to transfer across. All the requested information is there. I can send across the request to what we call a repeater, where I get to ready the payload that I send to the application. Put in malicious content and then see if it's responding to it.Some of the extensions, available using Burp Extender, are also very good and we have found issues by using them.This solution has helped a lot in finding bugs and vulnerabilities, and the scanner is good enough for simple web apps.This tool is more accurate than the other solutions that we use, and reports fewer false positives."The product is very good just the way it is; It has everything already well established and functions great. I can't see any way for this current version to be improved."

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We have seen measurable decrease in the mean time to respond to threats by 20 percent.

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The Auto Scanning features should be updated more frequently and should include the latest attack vectors.The biggest drawback is reporting. It's not so good. I can download them, but they're not so informative.The number of false positives need to be reduced on the solution.The biggest improvement that I would like to see from PortSwigger that today many people see as an issue in their testing. There might be a feature which might be desired.I would like to see a more optimized solution, as it currently uses a lot of CPU power and memory.The scanner and crawler need to be improved.There is a lot to this product, and it would be good if when you purchase the tool, they can provide us with a more extensive user manual.The Initial setup is a bit complex.

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I would like more details of what the product can do.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
There is no setup cost and the cost of licensing is affordable.The yearly cost is about $300.Licensing costs are about $450/year for one use. For larger organizations, they're able to test against multiple applications while simultaneously others might have multiple versions of applications which needs to be tested which is why we have the enterprise edition.Our licensing cost is approximately $400 USD per year.The cost is approximately $500 for a single license, and there are no additional costs beyond the standard licensing fees.This is a value for money product.

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Burp Suite is an integrated platform for performing security testing of web applications. Its various tools work seamlessly together to support the entire testing process, from initial mapping and analysis of an application's attack surface, through to finding and exploiting security vulnerabilities.

Your web applications may be complex, but your application security testing tool doesn’t need to be. InsightAppSec brings Rapid7’s proven Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) technology to the Insight platform, combining powerful application crawling and attack capabilities, flexibility in scan scope and scheduling, and accuracy in results with a modern UI, intuitive workflows, and sensible data organization. This enables you to identify XSS, SQL injection, CSRF, and other vulnerabilities with unparalleled ease. The best part? All of these capabilities are delivered via the cloud so that you’re up and running in minutes to identify the critical security risks that exist in your applications.

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Maven Security Consulting, OWASP Italy, Penetration Testing Firm
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Top Industries
Software R&D Company31%
Comms Service Provider12%
Media Company10%
Software R&D Company40%
Comms Service Provider28%
Hospitality Company6%
Non Profit4%
Find out what your peers are saying about Veracode, Checkmarx, Micro Focus and others in Application Security Testing (AST). Updated: October 2019.
377,828 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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